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Multidimensional  Co-Offerings

As Krystal Alchemists, Celestial Evolution Guides, Galactic Activators, Multifaceted Facilitators, Vibrational Creatrix's, Multidimensional Weavers, Quantum Architects & Peace Emissaries we work in sacred unison to guide you Home to your HEART & support you in integrating, anchoring & embodying your true Divine Essence & Ascension Journey as a Sovereign Being in the Here & Now


Multidimensional Healing 


Evolution Mentoring



Krystalline Akashic


house realignment grid_edited.jpg

Holographic House Clearing


Re-Alignment Grid

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver:

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