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Rise into your Inner Temple of Light with the Krystalline Codex and revolutionize a new era of CREATION. 


Sacred. Earthy. Heavenly. Pure. 


With your Divinity deeply embodied within a new organic Heaven on Earth blueprint. 


To feel at HOME once again.


















You are here because you heard, you felt, you received the calling from the heartbeat of your krystalline heart to walk the jeweled path within and fully step into your mastery of creation and experience multidimensional living. 


You are done with creating in other realms with no bridges to bring it all into physical manifestation, focusing more on the unseen than the seen rather than creating stepping stones from the higher realms to our Earth realm. 


Welcome to your Sacred Creatrix Self



At Krystalline Ascension you are not only remembering who you truly are,

but embodying who you truly are. 


A multidimensional Being, a Goddess/God, a luminous star, a sovereign Soul in human form. 


Sacred Creatrix,

it’s your time to upgrade your human body architecture so that your sacred creation magic and divine essences can flow and anchor into your physical self.


To be expressed in your current reality. 


And to create your inner and outer worlds with the 8-star pillars of 


Truth. Wealth. Vitality. Sacred Union


AKA The Krystalline Codex.



After living life in the etheric realms as higher dimensional Krystic Beings, lightworkers and starseeds, Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall, a mother and daughter duo, started to seek ways to embody their galactic light within and bring the Cities of Light, the heavenly essence and divine structures here on Earth… once again. 


What transpired along their Earth-walk journey was the remembrance of ‘The Krystalline Codex’, a multilayered, multifaceted and multidimensional organic Krystalline Blueprint for the higher heart and the human body that when embodied allowed Eva and Alicia to reclaim themselves as Sacred Creatrix Leaders, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth.


Guiding with new ways of soul ascension and human evolution to feel alive, whole and sovereign to co-create magical manifestations in the Here and Now all while living an exhilarating human experience with their families, Mother Gaia, Cosmic Father and all their relations.




Weaving the Rainbow Dream of heaveONEarth 

Here at Krystalline Ascension you get to unlock your sacred Soul Legacy Keys, reclaim your sacred medicines, magic and masteries to step into your next sacred version of self and into a whole new reality - one of love, joy, unity and abundance. 


Imagine becoming the vessel that bridges Heaven on Earth, a powerful and blissful Creatrix that births new beautiful life and new inner and outer worlds into being.


Imagine leading with your Krystal Heart and your Divinity of new ways of being and living, fully connected to your Soul and your Human Self - a sacred life where you create all you desire. 


Imagine mastering the continuous embodiment of your multidimensional essences and your creation and manifestation skills in its purest form.


Imagine being fully in alignment with your Krystal Heart, the gateway to higher consciousness. 


Imagine Temples of Light, Cities of Light, Councils of Light, Communities of Light rising into their pureness, into their sovereignty and into their Krystalline frequency to co-create a whole new Earth…



All by being supported, nurtured and empowered.  


It’s all possible when you receive AND embody The Krystalline Codex…



Connection. Communion. Creativity. Community.

Choose Your Heart Quest

Join The Krystalline Legacy Council and Mystery School 



Come together in sacred presence with a circle of Creatrix’s mastering the embodiment of their truth, divine wealth, ultimate vitality and sacred union to weave their Soul Legacy, illuminating their soul frequencies, living life consciously and creating their soul-aligned dreams.  


Ignite your inner flames of LIFE in a joyous yet powerful sacred way within the mystery school where you will embrace new ways of living,

new ways of embodiment, and remember the organic rhythms and tones of creation.  



Living life in misaligned veils of illusions are done. 



Come and activate your remembrance, your wisdom, your sacred magic to quantum leap…


Into your Embodied Sacred Creatrix Leader Self.

Sacred Celebration Stories


Multidimensional Holographic Healing with Eva & Alicia


"This healing was like nothing I had experienced in my 30 years as a Lightworker, if I had one wish for each of you it would be that you would invest in yourself and have a treatment. For the past 9 days I've had people asking me what have you done, you look lighter, brighter and let me tell you I am. Now you're asking what this treatment is, and what I would say to you is it's like a past life regression, a clearing, a Reiki treatment, a soul revival, vibrational healing all rolled into one held in a beautiful safe sacred space. Everything that came up in my healing has now been verified this week, I now know where I am going, and what the spirit world wants from me and for me. I always thought I was at peace now I know true peace and true joy. Amazingly blessed." 

Grandmother Songbird


Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Guide & Medium

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