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UNLOCK YOUR SOUL BLUEPRINT: Tapping into Your Creation Keys



A divine offering from the Seven Higher Heavens, exclusively for spiritual entrepreneurs like you.


Are you ready to unleash your inner Creatrix and dissolve the old matrix, awakening your angelic roots? 


It's time to embody your true divine essence and access a higher realm of consciousness. Step into the realm of the Angelic Codes of Creation and unlock your birthright codes, your Creation Keys.


Experience a profound transformation as you upgrade your inner Krystalline Temple of Light, anchoring new frequencies of truth, divine wealth, ultimate vitality, and sacred union. This inner transformation will radiate into your outer world, surpassing even your wildest dreams. Prepare for a life filled with authenticity, exhilaration, and divine actualizations.


The Angelic Codes of Creation are calling heart-led dreamers and visionaries who hear the harmonics of the New Earth and are ready to master the art of CREATION. Join us in the online Krystalline Ascension Temple and Mystery School, where you'll receive guidance from the Sound Angels.



Within this sacred circle, you will:


Experience an intimate journey that unlocks your manifesting magic, activates your DNA, and upgrades your inner Temple of Light. These profound shifts will allow you to receive and anchor the new frequencies of the Angelic Codes of Creation, empowering you to access higher realms of creation magic and raise your vibration to manifest a reality filled with endless possibilities.


Through the channeling of the Sound Angels by Kelly Noelle, you will tangibly receive intricate sound codes and divine harmonics that align your being and ignite the remembrance of your true essence.


Together, we will unlock your Creation Keys, utilizing the power of the 7/7/7 angelic gateway of eternal life and perfection.


Join us on Friday, July 7th, for a transformative 2.5-hour session, starting at 11 am EST. The session will be recorded, granting you 1-year access within our private network.


  • Benefit from integrative mentoring within a private group circle for 7 days, held in Signal. This sacred gridded vortex will provide energetic space holding as you navigate your journey.

  • Access pre-recorded soul journeys, activations, and teachings from the Krystalline Portal for 7 days.

  • Receive a personal and private 45-minute integration session (1:2) with Eva and Alicia on Friday, July 14th, and/or Saturday, July 15th. During this session, you will be equipped with actionable techniques and practical tools for deeper integration and anchoring into your physical body and new reality. You will also receive guidance on next steps for embodying your transformation. The session will be recorded and sent to you for download. 



The Energetic Exchange

Enroll within the next 48 hours to save $444 CAD off the sacred investment of $777 CAD. Secure your space for only $333 CAD.


There are only 7 sacred spaces available, with 5 remaining.

VIP Upgrade:

Receive all the benefits mentioned above, along with private 1-2 integrative mentoring with Eva and Alicia for 7 days within Signal.


Enroll within the next 48 hours to save $444 CAD off the sacred investment of $888 CAD. Secure your VIP space for only $444 CAD.


There are only 7 sacred spaces available, with 5 remaining.


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Your Multidimensional Facilitators and Soul Mentors

Eva and Alicia are Ascension and Evolution experts guiding Creatrix’s to embody their Divinity and rise into an Embodied Sacred Creatrix Leader of who they truly are. So that they can weave their Soul Legacy and create Heaven on Earth in their inner and outer worlds to experience Truth, Vitality, Wealth and Sacred Union.


The mother and daughter duo are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension, a Celestial-Gaian temple and a mystery school where Creatrix’s upgrade their Krystalline Temple of Light (aka human body architecture) to unlock their hidden potential and rebirth new higher versions of self. 


Known as ‘Architects of Light’, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth, Eva and Alicia share sacred teachings, wisdom and remembrances to master multidimensional living and new ways of being.

Your Sonic Alchemist


Kelly Noelle is a gifted weaver of sound frequency, source codes, energy, and light. With a profound purpose, she has chosen to embody on Earth during this pivotal time to assist others in remembering their inherent truth and co-create a heavenly existence.

Utilizing her unique abilities, Kelly Noelle intricately blends harmonious vibrations and sacred codes, channeling transformative energies that awaken the deepest aspects of the human spirit.

Through her work, she seeks to leave behind a legacy of light, illuminating the path for others to embrace their authentic selves and contribute to the collective elevation of consciousness.

Kelly Noelle empowers individuals to embody their divine potential and actively participate in the creation of a harmonious and enlightened world.

Krystalline Ascension Celestial Council

Krystal Dawn is a beautiful Soul that now resides within the Heavenly realm. She was Eva’s niece and Alicia’s cousin in the Earth realm.


Upon her ascension from this realm of consciousness, Krystal became a beacon of light for us along our invisible heart-path and led us to the remembrance of KRYSTAL, the tones of creation and so much more. She now sits within an angelic choir and in circle with Krystalline Ascension’s Celestial Council.


Recently she had come to ‘lightwork’ with us and an angelic collective to birth and anchor in the ANGELIC TONES OF CREATION upon Mother Earth.


She will be one of the facilitators, space holders and witnesses during your 7 day Light Integration.


We thank and honor Krystal.

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