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FREE activation and journey into a collaborated

mission of  planetary work in rebirthing your part of the

Diamond Celestial Forests Legacy here on Earth



Welcome Beautiful Earth Soul


We are so excited you are here to receive this guided activation and journey into a collaborated mission of  planetary work - knowingly or unknowingly - in rebirthing your part of the Diamond Celestial Forests Legacy here on Earth that reinstates organic beauty and pure wisdom that supports Mother Earth in ascending to her Highest Self - GAIA - here in this reality, ushering in the new DIAMOND ERA.


It was several months ago when I write this, that a very powerful and bold message was shared with me; ‘THE NEW DIAMOND FORESTS ARE COMING ALIVE’ ~ Eva. 


Tuning into this further, I saw the Diamond Forests are filled with high vibrational codings, architecture, essences and frequencies that feels like ‘HOME’. They are exquisite, vital and vibrant with many krystallized colourings of Emeralds, Golds, Diamonds and more. 


Then showing me who, in which I saw many Earth Souls in collaboration - and if you are here reading this - you are one of the Souls within this collective missioned-journey where you will co-create with your ancestors, departed loved ones, planetary family, medicines from the elements and your spirit animals as you are a Creatrix here on Earth, and you’ve come to play a major role in supporting the return of GAIA, fulfilling multiple missions and weaving legacies. 


Within this activated journey you will;


* Raise your vibration and consciousness that results in euphoric heart-opening states of

spiritual luxury;

* Deepen your connections to the physical forests, to the Celestial Diamond Forests and

the Tree Tribes; 

* Liberate your wisdom and lineage seeds by anchoring it into the planet that not only nurtures

and accelerates Earth’s ascension but begins the creation of a sacred Legacy.  


Whether you are new to planetary work or a seasoned Lightworker, YOU play an important role within this collaborated missioned-legacy and I am being asked to say with such gratitude from this planet ‘THANK YOU’ for remembering and accepting this sacred mission in supporting GAIA.

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Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall are Spiritual Luxury Mentors guiding powerful womben to embody their Divinity and rise into a Luminary Creatrix Leader of who they truly are. Mastering The Krystalline Codex and their multifaceted gifts to create their extraordinary life and 'Krystalline Legacy' - their sacred Soul Legacy that transcribes into a  luminous, Soulful Business Legacy - resulting in a greater impact that goes way beyond our reality. 

The mother and daughter duo are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension, an elite mystery school temple where visionary entrepreneurs upgrade their internal 'Queendom' that unlocks higher consciousness, their hidden potential and multidimensionality, rebirthing into new higher versions of self to experience their purest truth, vitality, wealth and inner union.


Known as ‘Creatrix Queens’, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth, Eva and Alicia share sacred teachings, wisdom and remembrances of the source of creation, love and unity to become the architects of their destiny.

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