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Krystalline Portal Membership

7 DAYS FREE ACCESS to an Online Sacred Circle to Elevate your Frequency ~ Expand your Consciousness ~ Evolve your Soul & Drink in the Elixir of Life!

Krystalline Portal Membership

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About the event

Greetings Star Brothers & SiStars! WE, Eva & Alicia, are Co-Creatrix's of Krystalline Ascension™, Evolution Guides, Multidimensional Facilitators, Dream Weavers, Vibrational Creatrix's, Frequency Guardians & Unity Ambassadors.

We are blessed to share with you our Divine Magic offerings through the Krystalline Portal Membership to Conscious Souls & Cosmic Families! Elevate your frequency, Expand your Consciousness, Evolve your Soul, Drink in the Elixir of Life to create your own inner and outer Paradise in the here & now!

The Krystalline Portal Membership are masteries from our Ascension Journeys, of an abundance of joyous commitment to personal expansion, healing modalities, gaining Conscious awareness to personal responsibility and Divine Wisdom from this lifetime and beyond.

Imagine Being Able To:​

  • Live, expand, integrate & embody your Ascension Journey to evolve all levels of your BEing so your           unique frequency aligns to manifesting your Soul's desires for yourself, others and the planet


  • Open your Krystal Heart to remember the Divine BEing you are, embracing yourself within your journey &   experiencing the Divine Magic that you are and will be creating for yourself, others, humanity and the           planet.
  • Drink in the Elixir of Life to create your own inner and outer Paradise in the here & now! Allow in and           embrace frequencies of UNITY, ONEness, Truth, Wisdom, Sovereignty, Peace & Pure Divine Love!

That's what we will be up to in the Krystalline Portal Membership!

Monthly you will Receive:​

  • Access Exclusive Content. We've designed Krystalline Portal Membership to elevate your frequency, expand your Consciousness, and evolve your Soul. A variety of "gems" uploaded~ doses of VIVA Elixir Meditations, Vibrational Emanations, Divine Wisdom, Quantum Healings, Light Integrations (Cosmic Journeys followed by Integration Tools), Krytalline Touch Medicine™ Anchoring, Ascension tools & techniques, Starseed Meditations & a Starseed Portal of Ascension technique tips & tools.
  • LIVE Online Connection with Star Brothers & Sisters. We will have 3 monthly interactives; a Light Integration, a Quantum Healing & a Krystalline Touch Medicine™ Anchoring Session all on Zoom!
  • Elevate, Expand & Evolve. As you dive into the membership content and meet the commUNITY here in Krystalline Portal Membership, you're on a path of mastery. While it requires healing, inner-work, & integration, the transformation you receive allows you to take quantum leaps within your ascension journey.

This Cosmic Tribe, Krystalline Portal Membership is for you if you are a Conscious Soul orCosmic Family that desires:​

  • continuous expansion through affordable access to integrative ascension tools & techniques
  • to raise your frequency, expand your Consciousness & evolve your Soul
  • to expand, integrate and evolve your Body, Mind and Soul
  • to be in cosmic flow with divine frequencies & high vibrational content
  • to feel connected & expansive
  • to experience healing, transformation, & alignment
  • to deepen your Ascension Journey, remember who you truly are & embody highest aspects of yourself
  • to align, integrate and embody the frequencies of UNITY, ONEness, Pure Divine Love, Truth, Wisdom, Sovereignty, Peace & Divine Power
  • guidance & support with your Ascension journey in a sacred, welcoming commUNITY
  • to feel Alive, bringing your inner-spirit to LIFE to create endless experiences of blissful miracles
  • to live their your mission while walking your Path with Grace, excitement & passion
  • gather & connect with a heart-centered, high-vibing Cosmic Tribe of Star brothers & sisters
  • to re-align with Joy, Laughter and Sprinkle your path here with a little bit of Heaven
  • Access to all Cosmic Light Integrations~Mini Workshops, Collective Oracle Alignments & events who love to expand their consciousness with Ascension tools, techniques & integrations
  • And receive discounts of future high value activations, workshops & programs.


  • $44.99 USD monthly
  • Membership fees are auto-renewing, in which you can change auto-renewal to cancel at anytime without contracts or cancellation fees
  • Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds on that purchased month.

As we continue to nurture and contribute to your expansion/transformation, knowing that you are a Divine BEing with immense capacity to heal, to allow in Divine Light and share your Light, all these tools, practices, resources, and support offered are magical pieces to help you tune into and expand your unique expression of YOU.

As we embrace our passions & thrive, it is our Mission to divinely envelope Souls & Starseeds globally, create a treasured commUNITY of Heart-Love, embrace high vibrational-joyful living and evolve together as we, Humanity co-creates heavenONEarth.

Gratitude Gift: You will receive a Divinely guided meditation & Light Emanation of the Essence of Krystalline Portal Membership 

~VIVA Elixir~


Krystal SiStars, Eva Lukacs & Alicia Lukacs-Hall  Elevate your Frequency ~ Expand your Consciousness ~ Evolve your Soul   Drink in the Elixir of Life  Hear From Happy Souls

A huge shift over the last 3 months!  Having no expectations of what this time would hold, so much has expanded since joining Krystalline Portal.

Joining the membership circle with Krystalline Portal has brought forward growth and expansion for me on both personal and professional levels. The monthly light integrations and offerings have been spectacular!

Because of this and the other integrations that are within the portal, I can confidently say that my communication with animals has deepened. The frequency in which their messages are transmitted has changed. For example, when I receive messages of Galactic nature, I used to receive them in the English language. This could only go so far, for with the higher the vibration of the messages, I was only able to receive them until a certain point.

Since learning and activating my light language, these messages no longer have this barrier. I have since been guided to incorporate the light language into the receiving of these messages and as I channel the light language through writing and visual receipt, the translation to English follows and the full message is then received.

This is HUGE for me, as it is always my intention to be able to serve animals on earth and in galactic form in the best way that I can. Having this additional tool through light language has allowed me to do this.

Lastly, being an active part of the light integrations that Krystalline Portal offers, I strongly feel has expanded the vibration of light in which I work, allowing for further clarity and purpose.

Thank you Alicia and Eva of Krystalline Ascension for this space of love and a place to grow, expand and heal in so many ways!  ~Marybeth Haines~The GAL Who Speaks With Animals

My journey these past three months have been absolutely amazing. I have grown within my own ascension. The activations and meditations which are within the Portal are truly a God sent. They not only brought me out of my comfort zone but allowed me to grow exponentially to higher realms. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to expand further to join this portal. Alicia and Eva are amazing Divine Beings and are truly gifted. Thank you for this beautiful journey. ~Happy Soul

I did the Viva Elixir meditation and all I can say is WOW!  Extremely powerful.  I was able to  feel sense and also visualize with pure clarity all that was said.  I felt the unconditional love like never before.  Once completed, I opened my eyes and could still feel the vibration throughout my physical body.  Thank you so much for inviting me on this 3month journey.  I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.  Namaste ~Liliane Lukacs

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

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