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Sat, Oct 08



October Abundance Retreat

October Abundance Retreat

Time & Location

Oct 08, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EDT


About the event

Each month within our Krystalline Portal Membership we have a LIVE 1-day Multidimensional Abundance Retreat all based on the Abundance frequencies that specific month is bringing forward. Each Retreat is a powerful 2.5hr Multidimensional Immersion for you to integrate, anchor and embody Abundance into your HUman experience!

Aligned with the October Abundance Essence you will receive & experience:

*Multidimensional Wisdom

*Vibrational Medicine Emanation

*Quantum Activation

*Krystalline Touch Medicine™ Anchoring Session

*Embodiment Techniques/Tools provided

*Followed by a Q&A

*Integrative PDF may be included

Multidimensional Wisdom is where we connect with our Highest Selves, the Realms of Source Light, Universal Galactic Akashic Records & Interdimensional Celestial Beings to share with you our recent Multi-Galactic uploads of what we have accessed in the Cosmic streams of Light, gaining practical guidance on how to navigate this month’s energy & how it can assist you here +++ accessing your own inner wisdom, inner guidance and reflection to experience multidimensional living.

The Vibrational Medicine Emanation is when we work in sacred Unison, becoming pure vessels of the Divine to access Energetic Medicine that contains specific Light codes, sounds, geometric shapes, colors and frequencies that can assist you on a quantum level and a physical level by weaving your Light bodies with the energies you need to receive & integrate at that time that is for your Highest good for you to release, heal, align & expand. You will be receiving this in the form of a visual AND sound expression in Light Language-which is a High Vibrational language of frequencies that your Heart inner-stands on a deep Soul & cellular level.

We will be journeying together in the Quantum fields to higher dimensional Realms for you to receive potent multidimensional activations, upgrades, recoding & restructuring on a deep subatomic level by integrating Galactic Goddess recalibration modalities, techniques & Soul Technology for you to embody more of your Multidimensionality. This affects positive transformation on ALL levels of your BEing~encrypting & weaving your sacred organic architecture, Galactic Essence & DNA into your current timeline & matrix...all while holding you in Divine Mothers Love & Compassion.

Krystalline Touch Medicine™ is sacred vibrational “medicine” for the Soul, emanating & utilizing the Divine magic of Celestial Light through your hands and fingers by touching new Energetic points/stargates which awakens the physical body & cells ability to activate, receive and absorb more of the Multidimensional frequencies.This is facilitated with multifaceted energy medicine modalities to anchor Higher Dimensional Light into your Physical Body, therefore bridging the Higher frequencies of Light into your Physical Reality, for multidimensional Expansion.

We will be providing you with practical tools on how to bring the multidimensional frequencies that we are working with into your everyday physical life for you to experience Divine embodiment within your Earthwalk-Ascension journey!

If you are excited for a multidimensional Abundance experience, we welcome you to gather with us, Alicia & Eva ~ Krystal Alchemists & your Ascension Guides with the Krystalline Portal Circle for an empowering interactive Retreat, all held on Zoom. This powerful Sacred Circle will be held in High frequencies and facilitated through our multifaceted wisdom & modalities to accelerate your embodiment of your Highest Abundance Self.

Date: Saturday October 8th 3rd starting at 9am EST / 2pm GMT


Hear from Happy Souls within the Group Immersions:

"wow this is really amazing-like that canvas that you paint-it was on many levels, it felt so energizing & very powerful. I'm in awe. This is really amazing-I love this visual meditation & bringing it in and have embodied-its truly amazing-thank you so much. I love love love this!"

"going through this today there is such an upliftment that I feel, my body feels different physically, energetic bodies feel different. I felt like I was and everything was waking up from this wonderful slumber. As we continued, I continued to wakeup-I just feel amazing-in this space of HOME"

“Thank you for this opportunity to move further into this new energy of who I am, my purpose and so much more. I am ready! I honour this change.”

“I went so deep and what I found most profound was when we were releasing those aspects of me-they were Thanking me! as they were tired of holding that and they were ready and that was very powerful in able to release”

"I feel the energy & essence-it's like it has come with me in the physical"

"Holy wow, feeling so vibrantly illuminated"

"Wow, I literally felt everything being washed away & I received all the Divine support  of who I want to become"

"I felt I released all of the expectations from me & others and I received the strength to be who I am"

"Absolutely powerful-when you started to speak the Light Language, my whole body literally absorbed every word, vibration- and I had tears- it was just WOW"

"I'm still vibrating"

💎This will be held within our Krystalline Portal Membership, where we are able to support you & hold you in a sacred compassionate space to create your own inner paradise in the here and now by sharing a variety of “gems” to Elevate your Frequency, Expand your Consciousness, Evolve your  Soul & Drink in the Elixir of Life:

Any questions, please email us at

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth⚜️🌈💎

Krystalline Love, 💜Alicia & Eva💛

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