Galactic Connection Temple

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Are you ready to connect with Celestial Beings within the Galactic Temple to emanate LIGHT through your own unique Soul expression?!


Galactic Connection Temple

with Krystalline Ascension ™

Greetings Krystalline Souls! 

WE, Eva & Alicia, are Co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension™, Celestial Ascension Guides, Multidimensional Facilitators, Vibrational Creatrix’s & Galactic Activators.


We are excited to share with you our Ancient Wisdom offerings through an interactive, 1 day Galactic Connection Temple Retreat with Krystalline Ascension ™ to *12* Conscious Souls, Starseeds, LightWorkers & Energy Healers who desire to delve deeper into the Language of LIGHT and connect with High Vibrational Celestial Beings! 


Light Language to us, to describe it in our own words would be the language of your HEART. We call it Heart Language. To us, it is a multidimensional high vibrational form of communication, expression, and emanation of frequencies.  You are expressing the frequencies of LIGHT. 


Are you ready to raise your frequency, (re) activate - (re) awaken & unlock your Light Language and express your own unique energetic signature?!


You will be expressing your Divine Essence through your Krystal Heart (aka Higher Heart) and diving to fully integrate the Language of Light within!


This Retreat will be so much fun by letting your unique YOU open up, express & connect!


Imagine Being Able To: 

  • Expand, integrate & embody your Light Language to open your Heart & deepen your connection with the frequencies of LIGHT 

  • Evolve your Consciousness so your frequency aligns to being a Divine vessel to receive and express LIGHT creating Quantum leaps for yourself

  • Honour your Heart’s voice & express the language of your Heart & the language of Celestial Realms/Beings & experience the Divine Magic, Ancient Wisdom & Powerful Frequencies that the LIGHT holds & wants to share  

  • Deepen & strengthen your intuitive skills to become a clear vessel to receive messages and Emanations for yourself, others and the Planet, raising the Collective Consciousness

  • To receive Ancient Wisdom, Higher Realm Downloads, Light codes, and Healing from Light, becoming more integrated with your Divine Essence and Higher Self

  • To feel confident in receiving & giving messages with your activated Krystal Heart, through the language of your Heart, to fully connect within and expand beyond what you would of hoped for


This Galactic Connection Retreat is for you if you are a Conscious Soul, Lightworker, Starseed, or Energy Healer that desires:

  • To express your Light Language

  • To receive & give Vibrational expressions 

  • To journey to a Galactic Temple & connect with Celestial Beings

  • To raise your frequency and the frequency of the Planet

  • To feel connected & expansive

  • To receive Guidance & support with your Light Language

  • To gather & connect with other Light-loving Souls in a sacred welcoming space where every Soul desires to have magical fun while expanding their Heart Language and Light connections


What previous knowledge do you need before attending?

  • none-come with an open Heart and mind!

  • you will KNOW/FEEL when you are ready!


Hear from Happy Souls who have previously attended our 2 hr Light Language workshop:

  • "This was the most impactful workshop I've ever been to! I discovered so much about myself and what I can do to assist other people! After the workshop, I assisted in healing people in my household even though I’ve never done healing work! The light language just guided me to heal and did it’s work through me! I’m so grateful for attending this workshop. Thank you x10000 to Alicia Lukacs-Hall and Eva Lukacs for activating this language within me!"


  • "This was one of the most empowering workshops I have ever experienced. I recommend it to anyone who wants to go higher to find their true self. Thank you Eva and Alicia for holding such a beautiful sacred space"


  • “It was such an amazing session! Thank you both for being such amazing guides & giving us the opportunity to reawaken and start using our own light language xx”


  • “I enjoyed every minute of this workshop! I feel I'm glowing with inner and outer happiness. Thank you so much!”

Here is what we will be doing together in Circle:


* 5hrs of Galactic Connection! This is where Eva & Alicia will set you up for success with an Introduction to Light Language and the benefits of using it daily. You will learn what a vibrational expression is, inner-stand what is LIGHT Language~Heart Language, how & why we can use it daily. 


* You will then be taking a Celestial journey to re-activate, re-awaken, unlock your Light Language! You will also be meeting your Light Language Guide and build on attuning to your Light Language 


* Next we will dive deeper as we support you to step up and give and receive messages of Light with other Souls in the Circle +++ with Celestial Beings of Light! There are many Celestials already waiting to connect with you! 


* The Sacred fun continues as we activate your creativity! This is where you will be vibrationally expressing through colours, writing, and drawing with the assistance of Celestial Beings!


* Within the Galactic Temple there is a sacred ceremony of Light with our Celestial Star Brothers & SiStars who will be celebrating your deeper connection! Our Celestial families always seem to have Divine gifts for us during ceremonies!!


Here is what you Receive:

  • 5hrs of a Galactic Immersion Retreat on Zoom that includes a Celestial Journey to the Galactic Temple, Activations, Light Language expressing, sacred fun &  Soul-play given at the end to continue your integration! (30 min lunch break)

  • Recording will be shared with you by email for you to keep forever

  • Online private sacred space to connect, chat & share experiences after the Retreat!


 Energetic Exchange: 

  •  is $222 USD 

Special Offers:

  • The Energetic Exchange for the beautiful Souls in the Krystalline Portal Membership is $144 USD 



Please email us for the next scheduled immersion or if any questions~


Eva & Alicia will hold you in a sacred space for you to express, integrate & expand!

The Language of Light holds a special place in our Krystal Hearts and has for thousands of years. We want to share with others the Divine Magic & Wisdom of our Krystal Hearts, as this expands our Consciousness and raises the frequencies of the Collective Consciousness. We are all ONE and here to assist humanity and the planet with our evolution journey. We, Alicia and Eva are here to share our ancient Wisdom with you, as Light Language acts as a magical tool within our Ascension journeys.  We can raise our Consciousness by honouring & connecting with our Heart Language & the Celestial Realms of Light.



Eva Lukacs & Alicia Lukacs-Hall  


Stay connected………

***In 2022 there will be an advanced Retreat for those who are expressing their Light Language and who desire in stepping into a Light leader in your field and the field of your Light Language. This will evolve your consciousness so your frequency aligns to being a Divine vessel and that your vibration activates this in others as well as learning how to facilitate Light Language healing for your Soul-aligned clients!***

Light Expression image creation by Alicia Lukacs-Hall