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House Clearing & Realignment Grid

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Greetings beautiful Souls, 

Are you ready to align the vibration of your Home-Space with who you are? 

Did you know that your house has a Consciousness and carries blocks, restrictions, portal ways and more!  It is filled with your energy since you purchased it and the owner before you. Energetic Clearing your house/space is as important as physically cleaning your house/space!

Meaning, lots of old, stuck, stagnant energy can keep our house/space energy in the lower vibrations due to energy imprints from you/others or previous home/space owners. We also have lower vibrational energy trying to creep in or has been brought into our house/space resulting in issues in the household/spaces. Furthermore, energies in the house/space can affect relationships, health, finances and more. 


Have you done a lot of energetic work on yourself?  Are you aware that as your inner vibration rises you may feel misaligned to your home/space? It is as though You have become a changed or upgraded Soul, vibrationally, but your space has not?  We ask you this, would you like to have your house/space in alignment with who you truly are, with the frequency you are now currently vibrating with?  House/Space clearings can bring your home/space into alignment with your vibration.  After all, now that you have up-leveled your vibration do you really want your home/space to hold you back?

Clearing the energy in your house/space will allow more cosmic flow, leaving the energy in the atmosphere lighter, uplifted, balanced & protected. 

This is why we are excited to share with you the 21 day Realignment Grid AFTER a Holographic House Clearing!

We are offering a personal deep energy cleanse with the Akashic Records of your House & Space followed by placing your beautiful home on a highly activated Realignment Grid for 21 days. Your House’s Akasha will be receiving high frequency activations to realign & raise its vibration to be in alignment with a higher Consciousness! 

Why clear your House/Space?

-new home/space

-uplift energy in space

-get the creating juices flowing within the home

-receive a new lens of the vibration and connection to your home

-trouble selling home

-release energy imprints

-clear negative energy activity (from present to all past house owners)

-seasonal or yearly clearing

-raised your personal vibration-(space needs a raise in vibration too)

-multiple physical space issues

-transitions (divorce, death, trauma)

-feeling unsafe, or negative emotions in certain areas of space


How will this be facilitated?

A 15 minute chat to be crystal clear what energy is needed to be released and what you would like to anchor in.


We will remotely facilitate a deep House & Space cleanse that includes gridwork of the land its upon, in which you will receive a detailed report

Next, a picture and your details will be placed on a physical grid for 21 days where we will be activating your House/Space Consciousness within a High frequency Realignment Grid. You will also be invited into a sacred private space to receive sharings of techniques, tips and tools that you can facilitate during the 21 days to build a stronger connection with your House and amplify the vibration of your House and Space Consciousness even more! 

During this journey, we will receive specific messages from the Consciousness of your House/Space. Upon completion of the 21 day Realignment, you will receive a final report and the messages from the Consciousness of  your House/Space .


Let’s just say we are  house sitting and vamping up the Consciousness of your House/Space so that you will feel more connected to your home/space and receive the abundance that your house/space wants to provide you with!

Connect with us to receive~

Energetic Exchange is $333 USD. Please note there are no refunds as once you pay and commit the healing begins. 

Energetic Exchange for Krystalline Portal Members ~ $255 USD


Note: You must be the homeowner, this includes if you are paying rent.


Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth
Krystal SiStars, Alicia & Eva

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