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Krystalline Akashic Emanation




Within our Earthwalk-Ascension Journey we are always curious of what our Soul is wanting to share with us, how to connect with that deep inner wisdom, how to activate our Divine blueprints, and how to integrate our Highest Aspect into our current Reality.


What is a Krystalline Akashic Emanation?

We have created a unique offering that allows us to provide a powerful Krystalline Akashic Reading ++ Galactic Emanation, birthing it as a "Krystalline Akashic Emanation" where we connect Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart. This is a Divinely personalized facilitation, allowing us to go deeper on a multidimensional level, giving you a more “Galactic” Akashic Reading & Emanation, based upon your ONE specific question. All you need to do is give us a clear YES for permission to go into your Galactic Akashic Records! +++ Allowing your Soul to play in the most important part of your Life-YOU!

That’s when we work in sacred Unison, becoming pure vessels of the Divine to access your Galactic Akashic Records and connecting to Your Highest Self, Celestial Beings & Realms of Source Light. We intuitively emanate Light codes, sounds & frequencies that affect positive transformation on a quantum level, realigning & weaving your Light bodies with the energies you need to receive & integrate at that time to assist you with accelerating Divine embodiment within your Ascension journey that is for your Highest good.  


Here is what you will receive:

*Divine detailed guidance from your Galactic Akashic Records that includes integration tools to assist you and your Soul from SiStar Eva in written form (in English) to your email that speaks to your Heart on a deep Soul level. Your Galactic Akashic Records is, your Book of Life, your Divine Library of your Galactic Soul, where your journey and wisdom of YOU resides.  

​*Galactic Light Emanation Activation from Sistar Alicia in the form of a visual AND audio recording in Light Language-which is a frequency of High Vibrational Light that your Heart inner-stands on a deep Soul level that can be emanated through speaking, singing, toning and more. You will receive a small written description of the Light Emanation. Both will be sent to your email in which you can download and listen to as many times as you desire to integrate, anchor & embody. 

Connect with us to receive:

If you are ready to receive Wisdom from the Galactic Realms of Source Light and expand more into your Highest Aspect & , we invite you to email us today at 

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver:

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