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Welcome Sacred Creatrix to the Krystalline Collective...

Our gift to you, KRYSTALLINE LUXURY, an activated welcome into the higher realms of sacred luxury - from spiritual to physical.




Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall are Spiritual Luxury Mentors guiding powerful women to embody their Divinity and rise into an Embodied Sacred Creatrix Leader of who they truly are. So that they can master The Krystalline Codex, their unique gifts and create their Soul-Aligned life and business legacy impact to the world, experiencing their highest truth, vitality, wealth and sacred union.

The mother and daughter duo are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension, an elite mystery school temple where sacred feminines expand their consciousness and upgrade their Soul Blueprint to unlock their hidden potential and rebirth new higher versions of self. 


Known as ‘Architects of Light’, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth, Eva and Alicia share sacred teachings, wisdom and remembrances to master the magic within, spiritual luxury living and new ways of being.

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