Light Integrations


Transmutation Technique Workshop

$22 Canadian

Are you ready to release all energetic thoughts, attachments, beliefs and perceptions that which no longer serves you, but don’t know how? How are you holding space for energies that are not yours, but never having the right tool to release them? Unwanted projected energies that leave you with low level emotions that cause nausea, rage, crying, or even onset depressed emotions


Join us, Alicia Lukacs-Hall & Eva Lukacs ~ Evolution Guides, Galactic Activators, Multidimensional Facilitators & Frequency Transmuters! We will share with you techniques to apply daily or when needed to transmute self or even the collective consciousness which includes humanity, animals and Mother Gaia! This is an important ascension tool for all! You will learn how to transmute your triggers in a 5D constructive way. This workshop will allow you to feel empowered of easily transmuting energies you are re-experiencing through a trigger or shifting and releasing energy that are not yours.

*when deep trauma needs to be released you may need to go deep to do more inner work or have assistance in transmuting deep stuck trauma*


If you are ready to stop the patterns of your past and learn how to empower yourself by easily releasing who’s thoughts and vibrations you allow in then join us to add a technique to your ascension tool box, email us today to receive the pre-recorded 1 hr mini workshop at for $22 (Canadian). 


You will also receive a divinely channeled meditation from Eva to go along with this workshop! 


Oracle Alignment~

Beloved Anna & Inner Earth Journey

$11 Canadian

You can now receive this Collective Oracle Alignment for $11 


Email to receive: and we will send you the private link to the recording!

  • Channeled Wisdom 

  • Oracle Messages 

  • Inner Earth Journey


Oracle Cards:

  • Cities of Light~Lemurian Starchild Oracle

  • Anna, Grandmother of Jesus~Work your Light Oracle 


Oracle Alignment~

Resolution Journey & Inner Temple Wisdom

$11 Canadian

You can now receive this Collective Oracle Alignment for $11


Email to receive: and we will send you the private link to the recording!

  • Divine Wisdom

  • Oracle Messages

  • Journeys to Heaven On Earth

  • Alignment & Light Transmission


Oracle Cards:

  • Resolution~Lemurian Starchild Oracle

  • Inner Temple~Work your Light Oracle


Krystal Heart Activator Wand:

No refunds on Light Integrations once purchased

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