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Meet the Co-Creatrix's of Krystalline Ascension



Architects of Light


Eva and Alicia are Ascension and Evolution specialists guiding Creatrix’s to embody their Divinity and rise into an Embodied Sacred Creatrix Leader of who they truly are. So that they can weave their Gaian legacy and create Heaven on Earth in their inner and outer worlds  to experience truth, vitality, divine wealth and sacred union.


The mother and daughter duo are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension, a Celestial-Gaian temple and a mystery school where Creatrix’s upgrade their Krystalline Temple of Light (aka human body architecture) to unlock their hidden potential and rebirth new higher versions of self. 


Known as ‘Architects of Light’, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth, Eva and Alicia share sacred teachings, wisdom and remembrances to master multidimensional living and new ways of being.

Meet Eva Lukacs, Passionate Healer & Deliverer of Divine Truth



Helping Conscious Individuals discover their Divine gifts by knowing who they are and what their True Soul purpose is, and embodying their Divine Self, so they can experience themselves from a physical world of abundance: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Once upon a time there was a young female who lived most of her physical life in out of body daydreams and endless reading materials about adventures, romance then in her early twenties expanding her horizon in self –help books as well as healing the body and mind. She was severely shy and lived in a bubble of introversion. She was quite content to be invisible in this large universe and took up as little space as possible. She embodied all the qualities of ‘feeling unworthy in this Universe, undeserving of Life’s abundance, and a tremendous fear of seeing who she really was and what she is capable of’. Sound familiar? My story can probably relate too many of you as I bet, we all shared familiar experiences in our initial search to questions such as “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”, and really “Who am I?”

This breakdown of extreme restlessness began in my early forties (yes, I was late at blossoming into my soul-self). However, when it hit, it hit hard, and my mind was screaming for ‘Freedom’. I had no idea of who I really was or why I was here other than working and more working. Bet you this may remind you of yourself or someone close to you. These were the beginning days of true heart pain as well as the beginning of who I have become and who I am still becoming.

Grounding beyond the Ego

As I mentioned earlier, I had a true love for going outside of my body and into dimensions of true bliss. One of the criteria’s I found out that if one wants to truly manifest their abundant life on this earth then one must need to be present, feet firmly planted and be in the moment! Yikes, I was so far out of reach most times that this was basically my first mission to master. The Ego being a very dear friend of mine, always wanting to keep me safe and comfortable made this quite challenging. I practiced daily by breathing into my heart and bringing everything from my head into my heart. Even when I started doing Akashic Record readings I would have one hand over my heart to keep myself grounded so I can receive the divine guidance for my clients. To this day one can find me with my hand on my heart as I bring my awareness into mother earth and expand my essence out into this planet.

How many of you still have your Ego front and center? Its voice loving tells you to stay where you are! That’s not something you can do! Oh, you are way too afraid to take that action! And on and on keeping you safe in your nice little corner of the world. The best way I overcame my Ego (oh at times I still feel I have mountains of ego left) is making friends with my inner ego and thanking it for keeping me safe and protected all these decades but now if can help me to master how to take action, how to become motivation, confidence etc. and come on an adventure with me. Oh, sure at times it’s resistance but with aligned intention I am beginning to master aspects of myself that have been deeply hidden in my inner dark prison.

Love All of You

Finding yourself and becoming all you… is not for the weak. It started immediately after my level one of the Akashic Record when all inner emotional hell broke out. Up until this I felt I lived a pretty balanced, unremarkable life. Wanting to know who I am took me into an almost 10-year journey of releasing self-judgments, self-hatred, abandonment issues, unworthiness, undeserving, you name it I felt it deep in my heart to the point of do I really want to remain on this planet.

EFT enters... I was initially introduced to EFT, which saved me from my turbulent emotions. Daily (I mean daily) I was tapping to first manage and then decrease and eliminate anxiety, fear, anger of not wanting to be here and so many other emotions and beliefs that have arisen during the beginning of my transitional period of getting to know me and who I am. Now, I rarely need it for these pesky emotions as they have been tapped away and truthfully, I attract less and less of them and when I do it only takes less than five minutes to get back to a more present, conscious place.

I found comfort and peace while continuing my training in the Akashic Records

and went on to become a Teacher and Facilitator of SOUL JOURNEYS® as I was

saying good bye to illusions, beliefs and patterns that no longer served me for

this was not always easy. They (my beliefs and patterns) were a part of me and

they kept me safe and hidden from this rather large universe. I also had to fill

the void with decisions and choices and experiences that served me in my

spiritual growth and expansion. With the loving guidance through my Akashic

Records I was able to begin my co-creation with the universe and I was beginning to see myself attracting new experiences. I was able to actually feel and be aware of this phenomenal inner vibrational shift. I found that I was able to enjoy my time on this planet and didn’t feel the need to always ‘disappear’ and go into another dimension. My Roots were finally being planted and the foundation was started.


However, accepting who I was and where I was, was like walking on a minefield never knowing when the old patterns were going to awaken and bring you back to what felt like the starting point. This is where my attention was brought to Personal responsibility… oh now that was tough!! Giving up the blame, shame game. Becoming aware of when I was in victim mode or playing the martyr and having to swallow my ego and take personal responsibility of everything in my life was no easy picnic. Even now I need to be more aware of seeing my truth through very loving eyes. You see once you make a decision to go beyond the Ego and start making choices in alignment to the wisdom and information that you have made yourself available to, there is no going back. Once you have been made aware yet continue to consciously make choices that are not in alignment with your new truths, beliefs, perceptions the consequences may be not so pleasant (I will leave it at that as this is something you will learn during your soul realignment session).


The Spiritual Meets the Physical

Less than four years ago after all the programs, books, coaching I received (at that point I was like 7 years into my ‘spiritual growth) I STILL felt empty. I thought I was doing enough to at least have a ‘habit-like’ flow going with clients. Well, there was no flow. I had an overflow of information that was barely trickling out into the universe. I felt I was in the beginning feeling stagnant and more wanting to throw in the towel of failure. I felt I was trying to put it all together and every moment was reading, meditating, buying more programs and I had stopped living and enjoying life. My physical health was taking its toll as to exercise would take time away to trying to make my business work. I was exhausted and saw no future at all. It was empty, which can be good as I had a clear canvas to paint on and I didn’t know what to put on it. I know I am not alone here, that many of you who may be reading this have fallen into the wealth of wisdom and knowledge but not being so successful at putting it out into the Universe.

It wasn’t until I allowed myself to view the Akashic Record through a different lens. I was pulled to take Soul Realignment® with Andrrea Hess. With my training through SOUL JOURNEYS® and Soul Realignment® I was able to move forward in lightning speed and be a more empowering facilitator of the Akashic Record. After having my personal Soul Realignment read, I knew what my true purpose was. As it turned out my soul purpose is a healer of Love and Truth, not a speaker or a teacher but a healer. Of course, all these other are wonderful attributes and complimentary, parts of them fit into my overall spiritual based practice but I didn’t have to focus on ‘needing’ to write a book. I was able to turn my attention of how I can be a vehicle of the Akashic Record and bring guidance and messages of healing to the emotion, the mental and the physical through Love and Truth. I learned the importance that we just can’t sit in the spiritual, but we must implement and ground it into the physical. One of my most valued readings now is Soul Realignment and guiding others to be an active participant of their Soul Purpose. I believe I am on a wonderful path of Love and Truth with the ability to support you on Loving yourself here and now, becoming all of you while living and being true to your purpose.

My most recent developments are reuniting with  the 'Galactic Dimension'.

It is beyond wild to know that we have encountered many past lifetimes and some of them on a planet or places like Lumeria or Atlantis. I had a

wonderful artist paint through her eyes a Higher Self Portrait that I am

called to investigate and embody the soul lineage of the Aquaferions and

several other Galactic Soul members.

Your Human Existence Matters

Nothing can be further from this truth. You entered this world with a

purpose, a cause, a reason and Ego, illusions, misaligned patterns, and

beliefs took you down another path. It’s time to put down all the mind

making rationalizing of how little you matter. You are a divine soul having

a human existence. You hold a spark of light in this world that no one else


can light for you and without you the world would be darker. Are your Ready to rekindle with who you are at a soul level? To love yourself so much and give yourself the time and energy to heal and know thyself on a higher, grandeur scale each and every day?

Dedication and commitment are a must have as NO ONE can do this for you. So, I am thrilled to be here to partner with you to guide you to empower who you are on a Soul level and start experiencing your miraculous life here in this present place we call earth. You ARE a breathtaking light within this Universe…

Namaste Beloveds, Eva

Meet Alicia Lukacs-Hall, Cosmic Ambassador of Peace & Unity


YOU are a sacred Temple of the Divine Union within


I invite you to pause for a moment..

Breathe GRACE into your Heart

Breathe HAMRONY into your Body

Breathe PEACE into your Mind

Breathe JOY into your Spirit

Breathe SOVEREIGNTY into your Soul

Breathe LOVE & UNITY  into ALL

Breathe & Repeat I AM THAT I AM


I Welcome you Home Krystalline Soul your Heart, to your Sacred Temple of Love, to remembering who you Truly are.....

I wanted to share a bit about me, as some find resonation through one's sharing of their Earthwalk journey. To begin, I was born into a family where New Age knowledge & material was known & practiced. My mom had always practiced & had books on hand & foot therapy, meditation, visualization, crystals, dream interpretation, past lives and more. She had even recorded her own meditations for us on cassette that we listened to before going to bed. As a young introverted child I had many imaginary friends and had always questioned my parents why everything wasn't for "free" ~ it just never made sense. As I grew older my love for Unicorns was spread into my room and I had enjoyed star gazing out my window. It was in my teens when I became more interested into other new age/metaphysical ideas to explore, learn and practice them.

High school is where I met my husband. The first time I had ever saw him, I waved to him, not knowing him in this lifetime, but that feeling of I have known this Soul forever. Learning he was deaf had only made my journey more interesting. Learning Sign Language daily became a top priority for me in the morning from a Sign Language dictionary. Connecting right away & having so much to chat about, sharing the same dreams of owning a large Centre for children where I could utilize my natural-Mom, compassionate, nurturing skills of assisting children in becoming their best potential Selves through Self development and he could utilize his gentle, fun-loving, bid-kid personality and create recreational activities. A space where children could come for "free"...anyways, we hit it off and married right after high school. And in 2019, we found out we were married in many lifetimes...both of us not surprised!

Before having children I developed severe hyperthyroidism. At that time I had many of the symptoms and was told I would have this my entire life. At the same time of finding this out, I was pregnant with my first child. At that time, I was looking to heal my body naturally. Since it was severe and needed medical attention I saw a specialist and went on the medications & followed the doctors orders. To balance and heal my body naturally I went to a natural path (changing my diet too), had Reiki sessions, as well as Akashic Records consultations. From the sessions, I then when in to do inner healing for myself. I did everything I could to clear what I had created and heal my physical body. Long story short, my medication decreased (to going off of it), my blood work improved and I no longer had hyperthyroidism. I truly believe it was the deep "inner" work I did daily to assist along side of all the other treatments I was receiving, healing the root cause of my emotional trauma that was being carried forward from other timelines/lifetimes that was manifesting in physical form. 

After high school we then created our 4 beautiful Rainbow Souls to complete our Rainbow family! Each 3 years apart and going in the order of my vision board (boy-girl-boy-girl)..we created our exact divine vision. I would have so much to say about each of these StarChildren, but I am ever so happy & grateful they chose us! I am blessed to be sacredly connected with these Divine Beings who are bridges to our Heaven on Earth, New Earth, Gaia Krystos. I love assisting & witnessing their expansion and guiding, teaching & sharing all Wisdom of the Heart, ONEness & remembering who they truly are, what their soul purpose is and to align them with Cosmic Consciousness as Krystalline Rainbow Light Beings.

Along the way of creating our family, I started to expand myself more on my  journey taking Akashic Record Levels 1-3, Reiki Practitioner Levels 1&2, Reiki Master, EFT course, The Jai Institute for Parenting (Conscious Parenting) Course. I've always been passionate about expanding my Consciousness!

When all 4 Souls were at school I knew it was my time to really go deep and focus on myself and to start living my Soul Mission. I started asking daily (knowing inside I wanted to teach/guide StarChildren  but on a different level other then a school teacher) “what is the best healing method for children” or along those lines. It brought me to a website called Star Magic Healing. I read about it and it deeply resonated within my being. And I felt that I had seen the website before. At that time I started to listen to Jerry Sargeant's free meditations that I found on the internet. Immediately I had felt these meditations were very powerful and had a high frequency! Later I joined the very powerful meditation library that he had and then signed myself up to take his Star Magic Facilitator Training Level 1 course! Before attending I had a


Soul Realignment done by my Mom, Eva which started my new journey off in amazing ways!! Once attending the training course, it changed my life and advanced my spiritual awakening & journey. Its hard for me to describe in words, but I do know that I came back with a whole new Essence. I expanded my consciousness, I saw & felt things I never did before, spoke my Soul Language, elevated my vibration, had some AHA moments, I was opened up to a whole new world, universe, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and so much more.

I attended Level 2 Star Magic Facilitator Training in 2019! It was deeply expansive & my Soul felt so much Love & Light vibrating inside. When I was there, I truly remembered why we are here and who we are! I became  aligned with Cosmic Consciousness!


Expanding....expanding...expanding....ruler of ego ending, here to embrace oneness

I began to recognize that we all have a choice as there is more than 1 timeline and we can all choose to align with the vibration of ONEness in every moment! From there I have seen that many Soul families were awakening, gathering, & connecting! From my highest perspective, this was and still is a beautiful time to BE here on Earth during the Ascension cycle. A time where I feel truly honoured & blessed to be a part of and a time to offer my Divine services to assist & support with the unified mission! Within this realization I knew we, as a Collective needed to let go with Grace & Love all that no longer served, which would allow us to embrace the highest version of us! The power of love & grace=freedom within. I'm here to remind you that  YOU are a Divine Creator~Creatrix! YOU are magic and are here to create MAGIC! Expand YOU, your inner Light out in all directions anchoring your Essence into Mother Gaia. It's all about descending your Divinity to therefore ascend in the Here & Now. We are ONE~We are in this together. 


Much remembrance began and I continued to deepen my connection to SELF and my Multidimensional Selves. The Cosmic picture I share was painted by a Galactic Shaman, Ariane Saffron, a beautiful Soul SiStar to me. And she shares within the painting a Higher Aspect on Earth ~ she resides in the 7th dimension as a "Galactic Krystal Sun High Priestess'! She had shared "the highest evolution of an Earth Gaia's vibrational species before complete light form transcendent, reigning inside Earth's core Crystal city where I raised my position through devotion and inner strength & sacrifice of ego evolving from 2nd to the 7th dimension. A Starbeing hybrid who specializes in guiding, clearing, activating, teaching awakening". 

Then began my deep remembrance and connection to Mary Magdalene, my Rose Priestess Self, the lineages of the Rose mysteries & to my Cosmic Mother

Self, my Goddess Self. Each day, week got deeper and deeper knowing I was here birthing ONEness and anchoring in Divine Union, the Divine Mother Arc, Rainbow Rays & the Diamond Krystal Sun Rays! I have had a few more Cosmic creations of my(selves), even one of a Temple space that my Beloved & I created as it allows me to integrate their Essence into the Here & Now. Remember descending to many more downloads, upgrades, messages and Divine synchronicities began to occur and images of my childhood and all the connections to where I am now! I had and still am doing the daily inner work the daily integration as I am truly passionate with my Mission, my purpose, my Ascension journey, my Earthwalk journey, assisting Humanity to embody their Highest Divine Selves AND of course high-advanced Lightworking and Gridwork for Mother Gaia.


The Divine Mother Goddess speaks~

WE are the Divine Mothers, standing together as ONE

WE are here, we are back, never forgotten.

WE have shared our Wisdom of Love, passing down the Rose mysteries for generations.

WE have come again to show you the Way of Love, the way of the Heart.

WE are Igniting the Hearts of all, lighting the Way with compassion, Grace and Love.

We stand together as ONE.

We are a Totem of Goddesses

WE are Guiding you from the highest & deepest perspective of Love.

WE share that it is time to heal the wounds of the Divine Feminine within and come together as ONE

~One heartbeat, One voice, One Love

WE, as One, have much to create for the Earth we walk upon, for the children of Mother Gaia.

WE are the unified ONEness of New Earth Consciousness

WE are the ancient Creatrix’s, weaving the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

I invite you to reconnect with the Totem of Goddesses, the Divine Mothers Sophianic Essence, for she holds the codes and keys to your Divine original Blueprint that holds Sovereignty, Divinity & Love. Know that you have a choice to walk with Gaia Sophia~open your Krystal Heart & feel her, feel the LOVE, the JOY, the ONEness! She is you, you are her, all ONE.

Cosmic Art is a Divine Spark of my Soul created by SiStar Alana Starlight

I have since then went on to integrate the Magdalene Codex~Rose Mysteries, Crystalline Chalice of the Christos~Sophia Teachings with Stellar Fairbain that spoke to every inch of my Krystal Heart that vibrated out within ALL of me. I completed Star Magic Level 3 which allowed me to feel even more confident of holding sacred space in the ethers for Group journeys and again it expanded my Consciousness. I advanced my inner child healing work with Lynn M. Morris with the Cosmic Unicorn & Divine Mother Innerchild Training which brought me back to my love & connection with Unicorns but a Higher level of Consciousness.

Between all of this my desire to create a Healing Temple (Centre) within a Sovereign commUNITY expanded with excitement & love! I started to see visuals again of this space which I am fully dreaming & weaving in! It is a GIFT to Humanity where Souls can gather to connect, share, recalibrate, expand and evolve while living in a euphoric state of Consciousness surrounded by luscious greenery, florals, water and vegetation all to support our Divine Ascended Earthwalk journey! 


You may ask "what makes you unique?"

WE ARE ONE. you are here for a purpose, a unique mission! there is no other Soul the same as you! we are all important, as we are all a special piece of the puzzle! So, I'm super dedicated to my Mission in assisting Humanity & Mother Gaia. I hold much Multidimensional wisdom through my Aspects and keep receiving, anchoring and embodying more of my Essence, my Divinity each and everyday! I am a Krystal Alchemist and here to guide Light Beings back Home to their Krystal Heart, to alchemize their true Divine Krystal Blueprint, therefore embodying their Soul Essence, inner Wisdom, Earthwalk-Ascension journey & the evolution of Unity Consciousness to co-create heavenONEarth (in the Here & Now). I facilitate multidimensional weaving, transmutation, healing, activations, alignments that includes recalibration & recoding on a deep subatomic level of by integrating ancient Galactic Goddess healing modalities, techniques & Soul Arc technology with my Cosmic Team. I work intuitively with Interdimensional high vibrational BEings where we exchange Light codes, sounds & frequencies that affect positive transformation on a sub-atomic, Quantum level & ALL levels of your BEing~restructuring & weaving your sacred organic Kryst-Krystallah architecture into your current timeline & matrix...all while holding you in Divine Mothers Love & Compassion. 

All the Divine wisdom is held within your Krystal Heart & is your KEY to Ascension. Unlock and free yourself, to step into your True Highest expression of Divine Source. 

I awoke from a Dream to my Inner Voice profoundly saying I AM the flames of tomorrow..


Sovereign of the Stars, Alicia

We invite you to walk with us into New Earth, Gaia Krystos....


Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

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