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Multidimensional  Healing & Soul Mentoring




Are you ready to Deep Dive into your Multidimensional SELF to receive a personalized healing with our most powerful healing techniques that allows us to go beyond dimensions of time & space?!


Are you ready to accelerate your Ascension journey by integrating techniques, tips and tools therefore creating a bridge from the astral to the physical so that you step into your highest version of Self in the here and now?!


Do these sound familiar?

  • You know you want to be letting go of your old identity but have no clue where to begin.

  • You may be desiring to be doing the inner-work, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and alone

  • You know you want to be in cosmic flow, but are challenged with negative patterns, stories and programs

  • You may be desiring to BE and feel connected to Self, but you’re feeling a huge emptiness inside, distracted by your victim mindset

  • You have unhealed childhood trauma & triggers that are no longer serving you

  • Your emotional, mental and spiritual everyday living is reflected by a deep sense of grief, anger, or sadness...


Can you imagine how it would feel to:

  • let go of your beliefs, thoughts, patterns and emotions that have held you back

  • say Good Bye to your old identity, stories and the repetitive life and replace them with a new authentic Self that serves YOU for your Highest good?

  • feel inspired to do your inner-work, allow in support, healing & transformation for SELF?

  • say YES to YOU and live each day with curiosity and fresh new perspectives?

  • Quantum leap and create new stories, therefore a new reality?

  • step into the Highest Aspect of SELF in the here & now taking Conscious responsibility and aligned actions?

  • have empowered, heart-centered conversations, to say Yes to YOU and your Ascension journey?

  • allow in and embrace your Divine Essence in the here & now, to shine your LIGHT, while Being and living the best version of SELF, therefore assisting with co-creating heavenONEarth?




Benefits of Multidimensional Healing:

  • increase of light energy 

  • discover your purpose 

  • awaken your divine gifts & talents 

  • connect with Interdimensional Beings 

  • shift past lifetimes & create new realities 

  • release traumas & fears 

  • break contracts 

  • remove energy cords, parasites & entities 

  • heal relationships 

  • re-align to your true self 

  • edit Karmic blueprint 

  • release emotional blocks 

  • address the root cause on a subatomic level 

  • raise your vibration 

  • personalized alignments & activations 

  • release with Grace inner childhood wounds

  • feel confident, worthy and loving Self

  • Celestial rebirths

  • step into who truly are and who you came here to BE

  • AND so much more~


What makes Multidimensional Healing and Evolution Mentoring different?

  • We are here for YOU! This is a personalized immersion to assist and empower YOU with techniques, tips and tools that assist you in the Now & Future. We create a bridge from the astral to the physical by offering you Guidance in stepping into your Highest version of SELF in the here and now.  As we dive into your Multidimensional Self, we see your True Soul Essence, however we all require practical, yet empowering support & guidance that creates a positive impact of transformation in the here & now as you embody your Ascension journey.

  • We listen & hold YOU in sacred space~gracefully silent, compassionately listen, empathically feel you, energetically hold you in a powerful frequency of Cosmic Mother within a space of Divine Love, compassion and honour. Holding space for ONE to fully express, release, integrate and transform.  

  • We focus on YOU, your Wholeness, your stories, experiences and questions to assist you with INNER cosmic flow, balance, clarity, transformation and so forth to integrate all dimensions of SELF. Keeping your best interest at heart and for your Highest good. We offer multiple energetic modalities to release beliefs, blocks, programming and more clearing from all levels of your Beings and Realms.

  • We are known as Evolution Guides, Multidimensional Facilitators, Vibrational Creatrix's, Quantum Weavers, Galactic Activators, and hold the frequencies of Divine Cosmic Mother & Mother Gaia. We integrate ancient Wisdom, Intuition and Healing modalities to clear and shift energies on a multidimensional level on a deep root cellular level, and beyond that are no longer serving you. 

  • We facilitate multidimensional weaving, transmutation, healing, activations & alignments on a deep soul level by integrating Galactic and ancient healing modalities, techniques & Soul technology with our Celestial Teams. We work in unison & intuitively with Inter-dimensional Beings of Light where we exchange Light codes, sounds & frequencies that affect positive transformation on a quantum level, realigning & weaving your Light bodies with the energies of its Divine Blueprint. 

  • We offer Intuitive Guidance that assists, empowers and accelerates YOU on your Ascension journey! We are Pure vessels that connects to Higher Aspects, Interdimensional Beings, Guides, Celestial Beings/Realms of Light. 


Are you ready to remember who you truly are and reclaim all that your Soul is desiring to BEcome?!


Here’s How Your Experience will be facilitated… 

  • 1.5 hr personalized & potent immersion on all levels of your Being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) done on Zoom and in the comfort of your own home as I connect through your Hologram within the quantum field. 

       (Estimate: 15 min chat, 45-60 min Healing, remainder time~Evolution Mentoring)

  • Intuitive Multidimensional Healing that is facilitated safely to effectively clear what is no longer serving you (illusions) and quantum leaping over years of inner-work by clearing outdated thoughts, beliefs, and patterns instantly.

  • Intuitive Evolution Mentoring to assist and empower YOU with techniques, tips and tools that assist you in the Now & Future.

  • Creating a bridge from the astral to the physical to start weaving and creating new realities for SELF and a new identity in alignment with your authentic Self that serves you for your highest good.


What will you experience?

You will receive a Quantum journey unknown to you or us. As we will be taken to the most profound places in order to facilitate this Multidimensional healing for YOU. You may or may not experience emotional, physical, mental or spiritual releases. You may or may not experience anything (but you may in days to come) however you will be releasing deep old patterns, beliefs, traumas from different places, times and dimensions based upon your intention. Your multidimensional Self  will be worked through your Hologram(s) on a deep cellular level. You do not have to be awake to receive benefits. You will receive immense Mother Arc LOVE and LIGHT during your healing sessions. 


What happens after this?  

Great question! This Multidimensional Healing & Evolution Mentoring is an aligned gateway to our Krystalline Portal Membership where you can continue with inner Lightworking, Soul-Play and receiving Divine Wisdom, Meditations, Ascension Tools & Techniques, Viva Elixirs, Light Integrations and Vibrational Emanations on a monthly basis.


Email to Receive:

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver link below

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver:

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