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Divine Offerings

As Krystal Alchemists, Celestial Evolution Guides, Galactic Activators, Multifaceted Facilitators, Vibrational Creatrix's, Multidimensional Weavers, Quantum Architects & Peace Emissaries we work in sacred unison to guide you Home to your HEART & support you in integrating, anchoring & embodying your true Divine Essence & Earthwalk-Ascension Journey as a Sovereign Being in the Here & Now.

We facilitate multidimensional transmutation, recalibration, healing, activations, alignments on a deep Soul level by integrating Galactic & ancient healing modalities, techniques & Soul technology while holding you in sacred space consisting of the compassionate Divine Mother's Love. We work intuitively with Inter-dimensional Beings & Realms of Love/Light where we exchange Light Codes, Sounds, Frequencies that affect positive transformation on a sub-atomic level by restructuring, rebuilding and weaving your Light bodies with the KRYSTAL architecture, your Organic Divine Blueprint of your God/Goddess Self into ALL levels of your Being-Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical. Therefore, we assist you to see past the illusions & recognize your Divinity within by realigning you to your Divine Mission, Purpose & your Divine Authentic Self, reclaiming your Divine Essence and stepping into your Divine Birthright journey co-creating the most exhilarating human experience and receiving magical manifestations in the Here & Now through your aligned choices & actions. 

Integration and embodiment in the Here & Now is a strong innerstanding that we stand by as it's THIS current Reality where we want to BE & experience the Divinity! Quantum shifting can happen instantly when you surrender, but to truly integrate, anchor and embody healing, frequencies, activations, shifts, codes, upgrades into our Aspect of the Now, this timeline and Matrix is where we guide you to become Inner Lightworkers, being the Self Healer by integrating techniques & tools of Soul Play (no one likes the word "work" we call it "play" because you gotta make "work"-FUN!! Sacred Soul Play!

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Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver:

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