Multidimensional Offerings

As Galactic Evolution Guides, Multidimensional Facilitators, Cosmic Light Warriors, Wisdom Keepers, Vibrational Creatrix's, Quantum Weavers, Planetary Frequency Guardians & Energy Transmuters we work in sacred unison to activate your true Divine Essence, Ascension & Evolution.


Healing Facilitation Information & Disclaimer

*HOLOGRAM: You can remain in the comfort of your own home! Hologram (remote) and in-person healings are equally effective. Once we arrange a time to energetically facilitate the healing, I facilitate the healing through your hologram. We can energetically connect from anywhere in the world~quantum healing!


*STAR SEEDS are Children 15 years young or younger


*HEALINGS: Most souls require more than 1 session. Usually 3 sessions are required for a deep clearing as the energy is cleared in layers. If you are experiencing chronic issues/illness, have had or having trauma, or deep rooted trauma then you may require more sessions to clear & shift. Each person will vary in the amount of sessions needed, depending on what they are healing or wanting to shift & how much inner work they continue to do in between or after. Between each session you will need time to process, integrate & shift the energy. After the sessions you may or may not experience emotional, physical, mental or spiritual releases. This is a great time for you to BE with everything that has come up and surfaced for you to release.  


*DISCLAIMER: Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs do not treat, heal, advise or cure any illnesses or diseases. The information and services provided on the site and by Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs is for general interest in spirituality purposes only; nothing herein is intended or implied to serve as medical or therapeutic advice or treatment. Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs is not a medical doctor or medical institution nor does Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and offerings such as energy healing, vibrational re-alignment, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, offerings, services or products provided on the site as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor. Service intention is for the highest good of all concerned~Intend for a smooth integration. 


*Appointment Waiver: Full payment is due prior to receiving Zoom Link. If you need to cancel your appointment, we will honour a ONE- time rescheduling. However, at the time of payment and commitment, the healing begins and we begin to hold space for you. Therefore, there are no refunds.