Multidimensional  Holographic
Offerings with Alicia


I’m Alicia Lukacs-Hall and come in honour as a Sovereign Starbeing, Alicia Maria, a Galactic KRYSTAL Sun Priestess, a Soul Spark & Rose Lineage of Mary Magdalene and Hathor. I hold space as a Cosmic Mother and I am an Earth Mama to 4 Rainbow Starseeds. I am a true devote, Keeper of the Sacred Fire-the Crystal Pink Flame of Divine Love & Healing Grace. Keeper of Threefold Flame-the Flame of Illumination (Divine Sovereignty , Divine Wisdom & Divine Love). I am ONE with the Illuminated Pink Rose. Birthing Oneness, Anchoring in Divine Union. I am Emerald Order and Blue Flame, Gold Order and Gold Flame, and Amethyst Order and Violet Flame working with the Law of ONE.


I am an Evolution Guide, Galactic Activator, Multidimensional Healer, Quantum Weaver, Vibrational Creatrix, Cosmic Warrior, Celestial Dancer, Shamaness & UNITY Ambassador. I am here to guide Light Beings back Home to the Krystal Heart, to activate their true Divine Soul Essence, embodying their Ascension journey & the evolution of Unity Consciousness to co-create heavenONEarth. I facilitate multidimensional weaving, transmutation, healing, activations & alignments on a deep soul level by integrating Galactic and ancient healing modalities, techniques & Soul technology with my Cosmic Team. I work intuitively with Inter-dimensional Beings of Light where we exchange Light codes, sounds & frequencies that affect positive transformation on a quantum level, realigning & weaving your Light bodies with the energies of its Divine Blueprint.


Earth Credentials:

*Accredited Star Magic Facilitator 1,2

*Akashic Records 1,2,3

*Usui Reiki Level 1,2,3, Master

*E.F.T.-Emotional Freedom Technique

*Conscious Parent Coach at The Jai Institute for Parenting

*Quantum Holographic Reiki 1

*Practical Kundalini Reiki Master

*Magdalene Codex~Rose Mysteries with Stellar

*Crystalline Chalice of the Christos-Sophia Teachings




Multidimensional Holographic Healing

$248 USD

Multidimensional Star Magic Holographic Healing:

"Rooted in love, not in logic" Star Magic is the most powerful technology available in this Universe. Star Magic is soul technology. It is pure, it originated out of love-it is a gift from the creator of our Universe. Star Magic contains Codes of Consciousness that were present on earth in ancient Egyptian times.  Star Magic works at a level of super-consciousness. This modality is so potent & powerful because all healings happen within the inverted field and woks on a deep root cellular level, and beyond-within the world of light frequencies. From this space, each one of us immediately aligns with the most authentic, whole and powerful aspect or ourselves, which in itself, creates an environment whereby profound healing takes place. The language of light and energy does the work. I facilitate the healing through your hologram.  Information from the book; Jerry Sargeant, Star Magic Heal the You-Niverse


I use high vibrational light frequencies and light codes! I blend in all Galactic & Mulitdimensional healing modalities, techniques and soul technology into this healing from myself & my Higher Selves including Star Magic, Akashic Records, Reiki, Sound Healing, Light Language/Codes/Sounds, Violet Rose Vortex Transmuter, Crystal Sun Codes of Consciousness, Galactic Collective Activations & Healing and so much more.


Benefits of Multidimensional Holographic Healing: 

*increase of light energy 

*discover your purpose 

*awaken your divine gifts & talents 

*connect with inter-dimensional beings 

*shift past lifetimes & create new realities 

*release traumas & fears 

*break contracts 

*remove energy cords, parasites & entities 

*heal relationships 

*re-align to your true self 

*edit Karmic blueprint 

*release emotional blocks 

*address the root cause on a cellular level 

*raise your vibration 

*alignments & activations 

*Celestial rebirths

*AND so much more, Are you ready to LOVE, HEAL, EXPAND, REMEMBER,  TRANSFORM & ALIGN?! 


Remotely for any Soul & Starseed


$144 @ 30 min 

$248 @ 1 hr

~Prepaid as once you commit & pay the healing begins


Email to Receive:


Deep Dive into your multidimensional self

evolution mentoring & healing

$222 USD

Deep Dive into Your Multidimensional SELF


Evolution Mentoring & Healing


Are you ready to accelerate your Ascension journey by integrating techniques, tips and tools therefore creating a bridge from the astral to the physical so that you step into your highest version of Self in the here and now?!


Do these sound familiar?

  • You know you want to be letting go of your old identity but have no clue where to begin.

  • You may be desiring to be doing the inner-work, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and alone

  • You know you want to be in cosmic flow, but are challenged with negative patterns, stories and programs

  • You may be desiring to BE and feel connected to Self, but you’re feeling a huge emptiness inside, distracted by your victim mindset


Can you imagine how it would feel to:

  • let go of your beliefs, thoughts, patterns and emotions that have held you back

  • say Good Bye to your old identity, stories and the repetitive life and replace them with a new authentic Self that serves YOU for your Highest good?

  • feel inspired to do your inner-work, allow in support, healing & transformation for SELF?

  • say YES to YOU and live each day with curiosity and fresh new perspectives?

  • Quantum leap and create new stories, therefore a new reality?

  • step into the Highest Aspect of SELF in the here & now taking Conscious responsibility and aligned actions?

  • have empowered, heart centred conversations, to say Yes to YOU and your Ascension journey?

  • allow in and embrace your Divine Essence in the here & now, to shine your LIGHT, while Being and living the best version of SELF, therefore assisting with co-creating heavenONEarth?


What makes Multidimensional Evolution Mentoring and Healing different?

  • I am here for YOU! This is a personalized immersion to assist and empower YOU with techniques, tips and tools that assist you in the Now & Future. I create a bridge from the astral to the physical by offering you Guidance in stepping into your Highest version of SELF in the here and now.  

  • I listen & hold YOU in sacred space~gracefully silent, compassionately listen, empathically feel you, energetically hold you in a powerful frequency of Cosmic Mother within a space of Divine Love, compassion and honour. Holding space for ONE to fully express, release, integrate and transform.

  • I focus on YOU, your Wholeness, your stories, experiences and questions to assist you with INNER cosmic flow, balance, clarity, transformation and so forth to integrate all dimensions of SELF. Keeping your best interest at heart and for your Highest good. I offer multiple energetic modalities to release beliefs, blocks, programming and more clearing from all levels of your Beings and Realms.

  • I am known as an Evolution Guide, Multidimensional Healer, Vibrational Creatrix, Quantum Weaver, Galactic Activator, and hold the frequencies of Divine Cosmic Mother & Mother Gaia. I integrate ancient Wisdom, Intuition and Healing modalities to clear and shift energies on a multidimensional level that are no longer serving you. My Intuitive Guidance assists, empowers and accelerates YOU on your Ascension journey! I am a Pure channel that connects to the Higher Realms, Higher Aspects, Interdimensional Beings, Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters.

  • I use a combination of Energy modalities and offer you Intuitive Guidance. Assisting you through the Galactic Akashic Records, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Alignment Techniques & Light Activations.  As I dive into your Multidimensional Self, I see your True Soul Essence, however we all require practical, yet empowering support & guidance that creates a positive impact of transformation in the here & now as you embody your Ascension journey.


Are you ready for a Deep Dive into your Multidimensional Self?

  • 1 hr personalized immersion

  • Intuitive Evolution Mentoring to assist and empower YOU with techniques, tips and tools that assist you in the Now & Future.

  • Intuitive Evolution Healing instantly clearing any illusions and quantum leaping over years of inner-work by clearing outdated thoughts, beliefs, and patterns instantly.

  • Creating a bridge from the astral to the physical to start weaving and creating new realities for SELF and a new identity in alignment with your authentic Self that serves you for your highest good.


Remotely for any Soul


Energetic Exchange is $222 USD 

~Prepaid as once you commit & pay the healing begins


Email to Receive:


Star Key Oracle Reading &

Galactic Activation

$144 USD

Personalized Star Key Oracle Card Reading from the Oracle Deck MAGICAL DIMENSIONS. The reading delves deep into the subconscious and emotions which provides core insights into the deeper underlying issues. The placements will show what the energies are surrounding your question, and the tools needed to move past blocks with ease and grace.   


You receive a picture of your 7 card layout, an audio insight for each card, Divine message(s) & a Galactic Light Emanation Activation. 


Remotely for any Soul & Starseed 


$144~Prepaid as once you commit & pay the activation begins!


Email to Receive:


Hear from Happy Souls & Starseeds

Eva Lukacs~Canada 

Akashic Record Facilitator, Holographic Healer Multidimensional Healings

Powerful is the best way I can describe  my healing sessions with  Alicia Lukacs-Hall.  Healing is not new to me as I have had countless healing sessions, especially Akashic Record Healing sessions which are profound in every sense, but,  after several sessions with  Alicia I have experienced dimensions and universes I never thought existed.   My intentions were to open my path to connect on a deeper level for my  Akashic Record business  as well as this irritable pain filtering from my shoulders to my hands to the point where I seriously thought I was getting severe arthritis or worse.   I also have a history of digestion issues which  presented itself in my last session.  After three sessions   my shoulders and  hands are back to my normal and my stomach feels so much lighter since releasing alot of toxic energy from my body.  Toxins that I carried for lifetimes and for dimensions were released in vivid color.   I have also connected with  my ancient wise ones and my shamanic queen which are now a part of my every day connection.  I have learned that my mind was limited to what is possible as well my eyes to what I allowed myself to see.  After these sessions I allow myself to be taken to deeper dimensions not just for my self but for my clients as well so that I can be the conduit of their healing sessions.  Each session I am excited to see what will unfold, who  I will encounter and to what depth my journey will take me on.    I am truly becoming the passionate healer of love and truth.    I would recommend  Alicia with her focused, loving way as she allows herself to be a crystal , clear  facilitator in your healing journey.



Paint Your Soul with Angela 

Multidimensional Healing

I would like to thank Alicia for 2 amazing healings as a Star Magic Facilitator. She was able to remove cords from my head, stomach, heart, eyes, throat and back of neck. She removed parasites and eggs from my stomach and something along my spine. Contracts were broken from various people not from this lifetime. Many timelines of trauma to my neck/spine area also were also collapsed from many lifetimes. Bones were realigned and my nervous system was rebooted. She also removed a female from my stomach and was able to give me my power back. Further, she removed entities and an arrow from my heart. Many religious contracts etc were broken as well. She deeply cleansed my body. I am so grateful and thank her from the bottom of my heart. All these things were preventing me from moving forward and now because of Alicia, I have a fresh new start to live my dreams. During the sessions, I could feel things being removed, realigned and literally I could feel her hands on me. Totally amazing and I highly recommend Alicia for any type of healing that is needed.



Kay Sanders~United States

Intuitive Business Coach 

Multidimensional Healing

 Wow…. That’s all I can say! Alicia is such an amazing and powerful healer I am blown away. Alicia has helped me heal on such a profound level, no other healing I have done in the past has been as powerful and life altering as the healing Alicia did. She has helped me understand why I was struggling in different areas of my life, and even though I have done plenty of personal development, if there are things from past life times that are still affecting you today, it is as if you are fighting against an invisible force. Thanks to Alicia and her powerful healing, I now no longer have to fight against this invisible force as she has helped me tear down these invisible barriers that kept me from my personal happiness, love, wealth and success. Thank you Alicia for supporting me on my healing journey, I am every so grateful for you and your super-powers 😊


Liliane Lukacs~Canada

Reiki Master/Teacher

Testimonial to my Sovereignty Alignment!

Recently I participated in the Sovereignty Alignment Program which Alicia facilitates.  The 13-day program is amazingly enlightening, peaceful and the clarity you receive is beyond words.  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and was guided to do this program in order to elevate my vibrational alignment.  Throughout the 13-day program, I received healing, clarity as well as a peacefulness within myself that was not there prior to this program.  I have noticed that my onlook onto things happening within my environment has changed.  I no longer immediately react to negative situations the way I did in the past.  Now I look at the situation and ask myself, what is it that I need to learn from this.  I also pause and go within before answering which I typically never did beforehand.  If you are remotely interested in taking the program, I highly recommend it.  You will be very surprised at what comes up.



Multidimensional Healings

Alicia is the whole package. An understanding professional with the skills to back up the healing of her diagnosis. What I liked best about working with Alicia was the collaboration we were able to achieve where we could start with my intuitions about myself and then through her skill set quickly assess and get to the core of the problem. It was painful on a different level. But I was not alone in it. And was comforted that Alicia was only an email away to provide direction in the recovery after psychic surgeries. Thank you Alicia.     I will be back when I require your strength again. 



Multidimensional Healings

When I do Star Magic it is relaxing. When the healing is over I usually feel like I can barely walk or have an ache but in a good way because it does always pass. I mostly feel happy during the healings, but sometimes there are some "sad" parts, but I know its a release and it will pass. Before I had some healings, at night my stomach would hurt or I would feel like I might stop breathing. Now I feel great every night and haven't had those two feelings anymore. During the healing I saw things that I thought I wouldn't ever see, but they were super interesting. I had seen some codes, colours, felt stuff and even saw some different souls. I can now also speak in my soul language, which is super fun.  


Julie Murray~Canada

Psychic Medium, Empowerment Coach

Cosmic Oracle Messages & Galactic Activation

I highly recommend Alicia's services.  The next day after a session,  I woke up feeling different,  stronger,  happier and healed. She was able to help me shift towards my higher purpose 💕



Multidimensional Healings

I feel different. At the end of the healing I feel good and funny. I can say my soul language. 


Stacey McDaniel~United States

Cosmic Oracle Messages & Galactic Activation

Alicia is amazing.  She is such a clear and pure channel.  Her healings and activations are very powerful.  The times that I have worked with her have been very insightful and transformative.  She has helped me to gain clarity and confidence in making some big life changes.  I highly recommend her!


Corrinne Bishop~United Kingdom

Re Nu U Holistic Wellbeing & Fertility Therapist

Cosmic Oracle Messages & Galactic Activation

Alicia's reading was amazing her way of working is very unique but I found it really fascinating and so accurate! She really managed to give me confirmation on what I had been feeling deep down or had a hunch about. A real Insight into my soul and I will definitely keep referring back to the reading and of course the amazing activation to help keep myself in alignment. Thank you so much Alicia I am really grateful for your words and encouragement and gentle push in the right direction of my life path . 


Wendy Navvaro~United States

Cosmic Oracle Messages & Galactic Activation

Wow! What an incredible reading from Alicia! I received a Cosmic Oracle Message reading and it was so accurate and on point. Her connection to her guides and light language are so profound and transformative.  In my reading Archangel Rafael’s card came out and he is the archangel healing guide that I work with, so it was an eye-opener to see him show up with Alicia. It was great to see how the cards told me exactly what I needed to hear.  I recently started my healing journey and trust has been really big for me, so it was beautiful to hear her talk about how I am supported by the divine at every moment. She also revealed that I was holding on to Sadness, which is very true and has been a part of my life in this lifetime and in my past lives, and I currently hold it for the collective. This is something that I am currently healing and have been for some time, so it shows I'm on the right track!
My galactic activation had to do with the Freedom Frequency and I can honestly say that I am truly living it and embodying it now thanks to Alicia and her light language activation. During this activation, I received wings to fly and to feel this freedom and it has all come true! I now work from home, have my own work schedule, money has been flowing into my experience and I am in a beautiful balance of harmony in all areas of my life. Alicia truly is a divine being with an incredible, beautiful gift! Thank you Alicia for my reading and for giving me the confidence to take a leap and trust in Source. I am currently writing my children's book and trust that Source has my back in all actions I take with my mission and purpose with this.

Healing Facilitation Information & Disclaimer

*HOLOGRAM: You can remain in the comfort of your own home! Hologram (remote) and in-person healings are equally effective. Once we arrange a time to energetically facilitate the healing, I facilitate the healing through your hologram. We can energetically connect from anywhere in the world~quantum healing!


*STAR SEEDS are Children 15 years young or younger


*HEALINGS: Most souls require more than 1 session. Usually 3 sessions are required for a deep clearing as the energy is cleared in layers. If you are experiencing chronic issues/illness, have had or having trauma, or deep rooted trauma then you may require more sessions to clear & shift. Each person will vary in the amount of sessions needed, depending on what they are healing or wanting to shift & how much inner work they continue to do in between or after. Between each session you will need time to process, integrate & shift the energy. After the sessions you may or may not experience emotional, physical, mental or spiritual releases. This is a great time for you to BE with everything that has come up and surfaced for you to release.  


*DISCLAIMER: Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs do not treat, heal, advise or cure any illnesses or diseases. The information and services provided on the site and by Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs is for general interest in spirituality purposes only; nothing herein is intended or implied to serve as medical or therapeutic advice or treatment. Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs is not a medical doctor or medical institution nor does Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and offerings such as energy healing, vibrational re-alignment, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, offerings, services or products provided on the site as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor. Service intention is for the highest good of all concerned~Intend for a smooth integration. 


*Appointment Waiver: Full payment is due prior to receiving Zoom Link. If you need to cancel your appointment, we will honour a ONE- time rescheduling. However, at the time of payment and commitment, the healing begins and we begin to hold space for you. Therefore, there are no refunds.