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Multidimensional  Holographic Offerings with Eva


I'm Eva Lukacs, your Passionate Healer and Deliverer of Love & Truth. I am honoured to bring forward the Essence of the Krystal Star and come as a Soul Lineage of the Aquaferions who are the original Krystal Star human race lines. I love stepping into my Shaman Queen aspect, integrating my Celestial aspects as a Krystalline Evolution Guide (here on Earth). I am a Guardian and Holy Code Keeper of the 7th Element which is the electrical spin of the Universe and waves of consciousness. I am illuminating the Krystal Phoenix & Dragon Christos an Encryptress & Weaver of Divine Consciousness.

I am a Krystal Alchemist, Evolution Guide, Teacher- Facilitator of the Akashic Records and Co-Creatrix of  Krystalline Ascension™.  With more than 15 years immersed in Personal and Spiritual Evolution, I am a Cosmic Dream Weaver, Galactic Shamaness, Multifaceted Facilitator, and Multidimensional Activator.  By integrating ancient healing modalities, techniques and Soul Technology, I assist you in realigning you to Your True Mission, Purpose and Authentic Divine Self. It enlightens me to witness Conscious Souls step into their Divine Birthright journey of co-creating their most exhilarating human experience, and receiving magical manifestations in the physical through their aligned choices and actions.  I am here to guide and mentor Conscious Souls, Wayshowers, Starseeds and Lightworkers to embody their Divine Purpose  and Divine Abundance! My greatest Soul Mission is to bring  Heaven On Earth to assist with Planetary Ascension. 




Multidimensional Healing 


Evolution Mentoring


White Flame Energy Weaving Chamber

Hear From Happy Souls


Rev. Kare Stewart

Soul Realignment 

After working with Eva I can sense something has shifted for me. There is more clarity and I know I am closer to my authentic self.  I am grateful that things have been cleared and I can see how this allows space for new ideas to flow.  Working one one one with Eva has empowered me to contribute to my own self healing.  With her guidance and wisdom I am provided with what I benefit most from in that moment on my path.

As a spiritual teacher and life potential coach, Eva offers a gentle, creative approach, demonstrating her ability and knowledge.  She intuitively shares her diverse skills to meet the needs of the client and confidently answers questions, ultimately revealing what is most helpful in your journey.


Liliane Lukacs~Reiki Master/Teacher 

Soul Realignment

Since doing my realignment with Eva Lukacs, I have grown exponentially within my mind, body, and soul.  I have a clarity that I did not have beforehand and an understanding of why things happen in the order and/or method they do occur.  I also have noticed that my vibrational level has expanded exponentially as well.  I can feel, sense, hear and visualize as I go within to listen to what my heart, as well as my guides, tell me.  It has given me a love for myself that has expanded greatly.  I would recommend Eva to anyone who wants more clarity and is searching for the one thing that will open you up to all the possibilities that you have within yourself.


Angela Binch

Akashic Record and Manifesting Blueprint

I would like to extend my extreme gratitude to Eva Lukacs for the Akashic Record and Manifesting blueprint reading I had with her last year. She helped me heal and clear my negative vibes that I were  energetically in my energy field. She has helped me release vows, curses, contracts and entity attachments from this and past life times. The  residue of negative karma has greatly decreased. The energetic garbage has unraveled from my very essence allowing me to find and utilize my gifts and talents that have been buried for decades. Now I can move forward with ease and grace to manifest my dreams and goals that is my birthright. Eva presented this to me in an easily understandable way and supported me and continues to support me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you Eva. You are a shining star ☆ and your gifts are so much needed and appreciated.  From the bottom of my ♡ thank you my friend!


Kay Sanders~Intuitive Business Mentor & Akashic Record Guide

Eva is an amazing teacher and mentor of the Akashic Records, she has not only taught me how to access the records for myself and others, but she has also helped me break free from a lot of blocks that were hindering me becoming the person I was meant to be and to step into my true purpose. I can honestly say, if it would have not been for Eva and her caring spirit I would not be where I am at today. I not only recommend Eva as a teacher of the Akashic Records but also as a spiritual mentor as she has an immense wisdom which has helped me incorporate my gifts within my own business and with my clients.


Jenny Li Ciccone~Energy Healer/Joyful Living/Soul Purpose Coach (EFT Practitioner) 

Eva is a  warm, loving, and gifted healer; you always feel the light she radiates when you connect with her. The soul alignment work with Eva gave me the full understanding and a complete perspective of my soul’s evolution level. Its follow-up steps helped me take aligned actions based on my soul’s profile, so I can move forward efficiently. The procedure not only helps me with my own manifestation, but also enables me to support my clients with better results. Highly recommend Eva and her wonderful work.


Missy Britton 

Eva's optimism and peaceful presence enticed me to find out how she was finding such joy through her new journey. She has helped me access my own latent energies and draw out potential I didn't know I had. With her guidance, I am becoming a stronger person and I'm finding my life more balanced. Anyone looking for a healing or a sense of direction and purpose for their life can benefit from Eva's incredible coaching. 


Alicia Lukacs-Hall ~ Galactic Guide. Facilitator. Activator

Soul Realignment
I really loved having a soul-alignment healing! I believe it played a major role in my journey to remembering and becoming my Divine Self. This is more then your typical 1 hr session healings as there are many goodies you receive! You receive a healing, a recording, a 21 day prayer that is aligned with you and a visual/audio video to watch afterwards. The information you receive afterwards deeply resonated and learning about your Truth brings a sense of freedom within. The 21 day prayer process was amazing for me! I embraced that prayer each and everyday, resulting in feeling amazing, bliss, happy & divinely powerful. I was reclaiming my Divine Power! I would highly recommend a soul-realignment. Embrace the process and take aligned action daily afterwards (which is super simple...say the prayer for 21 days) and watch the magic unfold! Since my soul re-alignment my life has transformed! I really can’t pinpoint what has changed since the soul re-alignment as I continue/d to do the inner work & take aligned action daily. But life has changed on a physical and inner level. On a physical level, I am attracting clients, But I do know that I have changed, my life, my family, my thoughts, my feelings, my aligned actions, my reactions, my ideas, my inspiration, my comfort zone, my connection, my relationships, my mission, my state of consciousness, & lots more have changed and have changed for my highest good. I am becoming and BEing the highest expression of my Divine Self and at my best, I live from my HEART . I am now honoured and ready to serve as the Divine Love that I am. The Soul realignment has been a part of my journey, my transformation 🤍🦋🌟

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

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