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I'm Eva Lukacs, your Passionate Healer and Deliverer of Love & Truth. I love being a facilitator of realigning you to who you are at a Soul Level so that you can experience your heartfelt desires during your now human existence. With the modality of Soul Realignment, I help you eliminate what your purpose is not and realign you to Your True Purpose. It enlightens me as I watch You (my clients) step into one of the most important roles in life, as you are becoming the Conscious Co-creator of your life and reaping the rewards through your aligned choices, experiencing everyday health, happiness and wealth. I enjoy mentoring professional, entrepreneurs's and soul searching individuals who desire to take the journey of creating their most exhilarating human experience, as was always intended. 

Earth Credentials:


*Access Consciousness® Bars Course with a Certified Access Facilitator

*Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Level Certification

*Certification of Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

*Certified  NLP Practitioner with Steven G. Jones  

*The Soul Journeys ® School for Spiritual Studies Level I, II , III and IV Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher The Soul Journeys® Method

*Certification of Completion of Soul Realignment®  Practitioner Program. *Certification of  EFT Level I & II Practitioner Program

*Certification Program  Heal Your Money Story ®

*Practical Kundalini Reiki Master Level Certification



Multidimensional Holographic Healing

$269 USD

This Multi-Dimensional Healing Session is a blend of my most powerful healing techniques: Opening into the Akashic Records and Adding Star Magic. This allows me to go beyond dimensions of time, space and illusions, while remotely connected to you through your Hologram to facilitate your personalized healing.


This is all done in the comfort of your own home as we now know that we can connect through the quantum field.

This is a 60-minute Akashic Record with Holographic Healing Session where I connect with you holographically and upon completion up to a 20-minute consultation



Star Magic: Based on the healing modality of ‘ Jerry Sargeant ‘ This healing modality is limitless and holds no boundaries of where the imagination of healing can take you. You will receive light frequency safely that will effectively energize, uplift and empower you


Holographic Healing is a powerful energy healing method that heals on the quantum level. I Open myself to all the Clair’s (see, sense , feel and know) so that I can receive clarity to facilitate deep level of healing. I may be shown misalignment of the physical body, stuck emotions, negative patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you. Each intentional healing session we go into the field of possibilities, remove and allow new light energy( new information) to enter your being which will assist in creating balance and order in your body, mind and spirit.


You will receive 60 sacred minutes of a journey unknown to you or I. As I will be taken to the most profound places in order to facilitate this healing. You may or may not experience anything (but you may in days to come) however you will be releasing deep old patterns, beliefs, traumas from different places, times and dimensions based upon your intention, you will be worked on a cellular level. You do not have to be awake to receive benefits. You will receive immense love and light during your healing sessions.


Benefits during and after your session may include:

  • Healing emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally

  • Knowing you and understanding who you are in a more heightened state

  • Cutting cords of contracts, vows, energy attachments in this lifetime or another

  • Releasing Fear and Traumas that have kept you stuck for lifetimes

  • Powerful Shifting in Parallel Life’s and Collapsing of Time and Creating New Realities

  • Integrating new empowering thoughts and beliefs

  • Feeling more aligned to living on this planet

  • Bring back harmony into your physical body (may eliminate or decrease pain)

  • Feel empowered for taking responsibility of your life

And so much more…


The quantum field has no limits or boundaries. Each session is uniquely different and surrendering to the unknown is vital but so rewarding.


This is a 60-minute Akashic Record with Holographic Healing Session where I connect with you holographically and upon completion up to a 20-minute consultation of what came up, what healing was done and any messages or guidance for you to take and move forward with. Give yourself extra time after your session where you can relax, intergrade, or maybe even just rest. These healing sessions are powerful and may leave you tired, and groggy.


Please email me at to receive. I will require relevant information prior to your session, and this will be completed through email.


Looking forward to this incredible deep journey with you



Prepaid as once you commit & pay the healing begins!


deep dive into your multidimensional self

evolution mentoring & healing

$222 USD

Deep Dive into Your Multidimensional SELF


Evolution Mentoring & Healing


Are you ready to accelerate your Ascension journey by integrating techniques, tips and tools therefore creating a bridge from the astral to the physical so that you step into your highest version of Self in the here and now?!


Do these sound familiar?

  • You know you want to be letting go of your old identity but have no clue where to begin.

  • You may be desiring to be doing the inner-work, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and alone

  • You know you want to be in cosmic flow, but are challenged with negative patterns, stories and programs

  • You may be desiring to BE and feel connected to Self, but you’re feeling a huge emptiness inside, distracted by your victim mindset


Can you imagine how it would feel to:

  • let go of your beliefs, thoughts, patterns and emotions that have held you back

  • say Good Bye to your old identity, stories and the repetitive life and replace them with a new authentic Self that serves YOU for your Highest good?

  • feel inspired to do your inner-work, allow in support, healing & transformation for SELF?

  • say YES to YOU and live each day with curiosity and fresh new perspectives?

  • Quantum leap and create new stories, therefore a new reality?

  • step into the Highest Aspect of SELF in the here & now taking Conscious responsibility and aligned actions?

  • have empowered, heart centred conversations, to say Yes to YOU and your Ascension journey?

  • allow in and embrace your Divine Essence in the here & now, to shine your LIGHT, while Being and living the best version of SELF, therefore assisting with co-creating heavenONEarth?


What makes Multidimensional Evolution Mentoring and Healing different?

  • I am here for YOU! This is a personalized immersion to assist and empower YOU with techniques, tips and tools that assist you in the Now & Future. I create a bridge from the astral to the physical by offering you Guidance in stepping into your Highest version of SELF in the here and now.  

  • I listen & hold YOU in sacred space~gracefully silent, compassionately listen, empathically feel you, energetically hold you in a powerful frequency of Cosmic Mother within a space of Divine Love, compassion and honour. Holding space for ONE to fully express, release, integrate and transform.

  • I focus on YOU, your Wholeness, your stories, experiences and questions to assist you with INNER cosmic flow, balance, clarity, transformation and so forth to integrate all dimensions of SELF. Keeping your best interest at heart and for your Highest good. I offer multiple energetic modalities to release beliefs, blocks, programming and more clearing from all levels of your Beings and Realms.

  • I am known as an Evolution Guide, Multidimensional Healer, Vibrational Creatrix, Quantum Weaver, Galactic Activator, and hold the frequencies of Divine Cosmic Mother & Mother Gaia. I integrate ancient Wisdom, Intuition and Healing modalities to clear and shift energies on a multidimensional level that are no longer serving you. My Intuitive Guidance assists, empowers and accelerates YOU on your Ascension journey! I am a Pure channel that connects to the Higher Realms, Higher Aspects, Interdimensional Beings, Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters.

  • I use a combination of Energy modalities and offer you Intuitive Guidance. Assisting you through the Galactic Akashic Records, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Alignment Techniques & Light Activations.  As I dive into your Multidimensional Self, I see your True Soul Essence, however we all require practical, yet empowering support & guidance that creates a positive impact of transformation in the here & now as you embody your Ascension journey.


Are you ready for a Deep Dive into your Multidimensional Self?

  • 1 hr personalized immersion

  • Intuitive Evolution Mentoring to assist and empower YOU with techniques, tips and tools that assist you in the Now & Future.

  • Intuitive Evolution Healing instantly clearing any illusions and quantum leaping over years of inner-work by clearing outdated thoughts, beliefs, and patterns instantly.

  • Creating a bridge from the astral to the physical to start weaving and creating new realities for SELF and a new identity in alignment with your authentic Self that serves you for your highest good.


Remotely for any Soul


Energetic Exchange is $222 USD

~Prepaid as once you commit & pay the healing begins


Email to Receive:


Soul Realignment

$555 USD

Do you feel you are being pushed and aided by the universe to rise into your full potential and greatness?   Do you feel you still have lingering old limitations and self-created obstacles holding you back from knowing your divine purpose in life? Are you ready to burst through your limited ceilings and create Heaven here on earth?  Why would you want to?  It is your divine right to live a life of abundance, joy, happiness, health and all the deliciousness here on this planet.

This Soul Realignment will give you the clarity and sense of direction to help you create your very own Heaven on Earth and discover who you are on a Soul Level.



This Soul Realignment is for you if:

  • You are ready to find out how your past-life and present past decisions are still affecting you today and how you can begin to take practical action steps to transform your life to create more of what you want immediately.

  • You have been asking the question “What is my purpose in this life?” over and over again. You will finally make peace with this question.

  • You if you want to clear karmic negative patterns (blocks and restrictions) that you keep safe within your soul yet these are the culprits that are holding you back from reaching your ultimate heaven here on earth.

  • You are ready and willing to take the aligned action steps to create your Abundance of Health, Wealth, Physical Vitality, Inner Fulfillment and Unlimited Time.


Ready to step into your Journey of Freedom and Receive Your Soul Realignment?


Allow me to share with you what your divine purpose is; your soul characteristics;  the most relevant imprisoning obstacles holding you back and driving you away from your purpose by completing A  Soul Realignment , exactly, aligning you to your unique individual purpose in life.


With this Soul Realignment, you will uncover Who you are at a soul level. You will discover the following:

  • What your unique, individuated expressions and what your divine gifts are.

  • What your purpose is, you will never have to ask this question again.

  • How to access more vital life force energy to create the experience you want.

  • Your Soul Characteristics’

  • Soul Profile -Ever wonder about where you are in your personal spiritual development?

  • Do you wonder why is it that you are reading a ton of spiritual books, listening to programs, being a complete spiritual junky and your life is still filled with lack and limitations? I will let you know where you are on your spiritual journey and your next step to bring you into balance and harmony with all you have read and studied.

  • Do you set Intentions? I will bring awareness to How Intentional You Are – I will let you know where you are in your intentional setting and how you can amplify your intentions to help you manifest that which you desire.

  • Blocks and interferences-Understanding Karmic Patterning of your personal divine soul blueprint (at the present moment). As you move forward in your personal creation you will meet new patterns that you will need to walk through and away from.

  • Past and present negative patterns that you are still choosing therefore limiting your ability to create what you want.

  • You will learn the importance of course correcting and making personal positive choices to ‘realign’ with your divine soul blueprint.

  • You will leave with a clear sense of who you are at a soul level and start taking practical steps towards who your divine soul blueprint and start reaping your best life ever!


Here is what you will receive with this Soul Realignment:

  • Two 45-60 minute consultations via  Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and emailed to you shortly after your session...

    • Call one will be identifying your Divine Gifts, your Purpose, how to access more vital Lifeforce, your Soul Characteristics, your Intentions and a brief discussion on how to start realigning to your Divine Soul Blueprint.

    • Call two within one weeks time: I will cover your immediate present Blocks and Interferences that are keeping you from experiencing your Divine Soul Blueprint here on this planet. You will know your past and present negative patterns and discuss making personal positive action choices to realign you with your Divine Soul Blueprint. You will leave understanding how you can take practical steps towards your divine soul blueprint and start reaping your best life ever! And if there is anytime remaining we will do some clearing work if desired.

  • A guided 21 day clearing prayer as realigning to your Divine Soul Blueprint does take your effort and time


Please email me at  to receive. 


You will need to include: Your Current Name, Name at Birth, Date of Birth and where you were born with an image of yourself.


Please allow 72 hours for me to complete this Soul Realignment. I will email you shortly after to set up our follow up session. 


$555 USD Prepaid as once you commit & pay the healing realignment begins!


Akashic records healing

$222 USD

Are you stuck in the life of Ground Hog Day, where one day flows into the next?   You want to get out but you feel so stuck and unsure even what the next step is?  Maybe your heart is filled with deep regrets and a lack of self-love that you can’t even imagine a life of joy and happiness?  Perhaps you are done with this life as you know it and finally are ready to be committed to getting rid of all those gremlins of beliefs and illusions that may not even be yours but are travelling with you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically?

You are in the right place at the right time to clear up those old cob-webs that have kept you in Ground Hog Day and open the  Windows of YOUR  Soul to a brighter, Abundant  YOU!



Allow me to enchant you with the powerful wisdom and guidance of your Akashic Records.  The Akashic  Records are 5th dimensional and here is where one can receive the deepest level of healing. Here lies the answers that can shed years of Deep Inner Pain, Unworthiness,  Shame, Blame, Guilt, and Separation from experiencing Your Best Life Ever.

You will receive 60 sacred minutes of deep personal inner healing based on where you are right now and what you are presently experiencing and where YOU would like to Be emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Together we will explore any blocks or restrictions that may arise, any old perceptions of yourself that you believe to be true, release old patterns, illusions that keep you spinning in lack and limitation and do some deep healing energetic work.


What I will need from you once you purchase this Service: Your Current Name, Name at Birth, Date of Birth and where you were born with an image of yourself.


I will look forward to receiving a little bit of what it is you want as well as what it is you are now experiencing  at


What would your life look like if you gave yourself permission to be the greatness that you came here to be?


Possible benefits may include:

  • Empowering you to set goals and establish accountability for personal success.

  • Guide  you to attain more freedom and choices in your life

  • Discover your hidden gifts and talents

  • Release old blocks and illusions that keep you in a spinning pattern of lack and limitation

  • Create solutions efficiently

  • Clear up money blocks, guilt, shame, servitude

  • Guide you to develop strategic actions with everyday tips and tools and so much more


This is a 60-minute Akashic Record Healing Session which may go a little over depending on the level of healing that is needed. I recommend to set aside up to 80-minutes and possibly give yourself extra time after our session where you can relax, integrate, or maybe even just rest. These healing sessions are powerful and may leave you tired, and groggy.


Please email me at to receive.  I am looking forward to supporting you through this deep healing session.


$222 USD Prepaid 


ultimate chakra alignment

$222 USD

Are you ready to change your desired reality by being aware of what you are currently doing is keeping you from living your Desired reality?


Have you ever experienced or suffered emotional, mentally or physically with:

  •  Mild depression

  • Lack of clarity in your life

  • Brain Fog

  • Worry, Fear or Anxiety

  • Living Lack and Limitations

  • Suffer and Sacrificing

  • Relationship Failure

  • Living in Blame / shame or guilt


If you have, you may be living from having misaligned programming in your chakra’s.   Isn’t it interesting that your chakra’s hold so much information such as experiences from your childhood that can still be unconsciously affecting why you are not living your lifelong dreams?


Do you find yourself at times always trying to please others only to be put down? This could be an unmet need from your childhood where your parents did not provide the nurturing you needed so you keep repeating the same pattern.

Do you find yourself working endlessly and accumulating more debt? This could come from early childhood programming of the way your parents spoke or handled money.


 Mini or major childhood traumas based on your perception can impact the way you live life now.  Are you ready to unravel some of these unconscious beliefs, wounds, or patterns so you can start keeping your hard-earned money in your bank account?  Perhaps you are ready to step into a new dynamic relationship and you no longer want to be the pleaser of the relationship rather you want to have a wonderful balanced experience.   Are you ready to allow me to release stagnant life force and clear up your chakras so you can begin bringing in harmony, self love, joy, inner peace into your life?


Possible Benefits from a Chakra  Alignment:

  • Release Blockages

  • Improve mental clarity

  • Emotional and Mental Balance

  • Great sense of Purpose and Direction

  • Decrease anxiety/worry/fear/suffering

  • Heal inner child wounds-Huge one

  • Feel more confident

  • Physical pain may decrease

  • Balanced emotional and mental lifestyle

  • Inner peace

  • Begin to move towards YOUR dreams and goals

  • Transform weakness into balance, low vibration into high vibration


Here is what you will receive in this Ultimate Chakra Alignment Session:

  • Chat prior to session – 15 minutes

  • Remote Healing Session 90 + minutes ( where I communicate with your Chakras)

  • Recording  of what cam up in your reading  sent to your email

  • Follow up call 45 minutes … We want the healing to settle in and allow new energy to come in so the follow up call will take place 4-7 days later on zoom ( up to 45 minute call)  Link will be emailed to you.


Email to receive:

After purchasing this product, I will send you a disclaimer and a client intake form


Prepaid as once you commit & pay the healings begins!


Hear from happy souls


Rev. Kare Stewart

Soul Realignment 

After working with Eva I can sense something has shifted for me. There is more clarity and I know I am closer to my authentic self.  I am grateful that things have been cleared and I can see how this allows space for new ideas to flow.  Working one one one with Eva has empowered me to contribute to my own self healing.  With her guidance and wisdom I am provided with what I benefit most from in that moment on my path.

As a spiritual teacher and life potential coach, Eva offers a gentle, creative approach, demonstrating her ability and knowledge.  She intuitively shares her diverse skills to meet the needs of the client and confidently answers questions, ultimately revealing what is most helpful in your journey.

Liliane Lukacs~Reiki Master/Teacher 

Soul Realignment

Since doing my realignment with Eva Lukacs, I have grown exponentially within my mind, body, and soul.  I have a clarity that I did not have beforehand and an understanding of why things happen in the order and/or method they do occur.  I also have noticed that my vibrational level has expanded exponentially as well.  I can feel, sense, hear and visualize as I go within to listen to what my heart, as well as my guides, tell me.  It has given me a love for myself that has expanded greatly.  I would recommend Eva to anyone who wants more clarity and is searching for the one thing that will open you up to all the possibilities that you have within yourself.


Angela Binch

Akashic Record and Manifesting Blueprint

I would like to extend my extreme gratitude to Eva Lukacs for the Akashic Record and Manifesting blueprint reading I had with her last year. She helped me heal and clear my negative vibes that I were  energetically in my energy field. She has helped me release vows, curses, contracts and entity attachments from this and past life times. The  residue of negative karma has greatly decreased. The energetic garbage has unraveled from my very essence allowing me to find and utilize my gifts and talents that have been buried for decades. Now I can move forward with ease and grace to manifest my dreams and goals that is my birthright. Eva presented this to me in an easily understandable way and supported me and continues to support me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you Eva. You are a shining star ☆ and your gifts are so much needed and appreciated.  From the bottom of my ♡ thank you my friend!

Kay Sanders~Intuitive Business Mentor & Akashic Record Guide

Eva is an amazing teacher and mentor of the Akashic Records, she has not only taught me how to access the records for myself and others, but she has also helped me break free from a lot of blocks that were hindering me becoming the person I was meant to be and to step into my true purpose. I can honestly say, if it would have not been for Eva and her caring spirit I would not be where I am at today. I not only recommend Eva as a teacher of the Akashic Records but also as a spiritual mentor as she has an immense wisdom which has helped me incorporate my gifts within my own business and with my clients.

Jenny Li Ciccone~Energy Healer/Joyful Living/Soul Purpose Coach (EFT Practitioner) 

Eva is a  warm, loving, and gifted healer; you always feel the light she radiates when you connect with her. The soul alignment work with Eva gave me the full understanding and a complete perspective of my soul’s evolution level. Its follow-up steps helped me take aligned actions based on my soul’s profile, so I can move forward efficiently. The procedure not only helps me with my own manifestation, but also enables me to support my clients with better results. Highly recommend Eva and her wonderful work.

Missy Britton 
Eva's optimism and peaceful presence enticed me to find out how she was finding such joy through her new journey. She has helped me access my own latent energies and draw out potential I didn't know I had. With her guidance, I am becoming a stronger person and I'm finding my life more balanced. Anyone looking for a healing or a sense of direction and purpose for their life can benefit from Eva's incredible coaching. 


Alicia Lukacs-Hall ~ Galactic Guide. Facilitator. Activator

Soul Realignment
I really loved having a soul-alignment healing! I believe it played a major role in my journey to remembering and becoming my Divine Self. This is more then your typical 1 hr session healings as there are many goodies you receive! You receive a healing, a recording, a 21 day prayer that is aligned with you and a visual/audio video to watch afterwards. The information you receive afterwards deeply resonated and learning about your Truth brings a sense of freedom within. The 21 day prayer process was amazing for me! I embraced that prayer each and everyday, resulting in feeling amazing, bliss, happy & divinely powerful. I was reclaiming my Divine Power! I would highly recommend a soul-realignment. Embrace the process and take aligned action daily afterwards (which is super simple...say the prayer for 21 days) and watch the magic unfold! Since my soul re-alignment my life has transformed! I really can’t pinpoint what has changed since the soul re-alignment as I continue/d to do the inner work & take aligned action daily. But life has changed on a physical and inner level. On a physical level, I am attracting clients, But I do know that I have changed, my life, my family, my thoughts, my feelings, my aligned actions, my reactions, my ideas, my inspiration, my comfort zone, my connection, my relationships, my mission, my state of consciousness, & lots more have changed and have changed for my highest good. I am becoming and BEing the highest expression of my Divine Self and at my best, I live from my HEART . I am now honoured and ready to serve as the Divine Love that I am. The Soul realignment has been a part of my journey, my transformation 🤍🦋🌟

Healing Facilitation Information & Disclaimer

*HOLOGRAM: You can remain in the comfort of your own home! Hologram (remote) and in-person healings are equally effective. Once we arrange a time to energetically facilitate the healing, I facilitate the healing through your hologram. We can energetically connect from anywhere in the world~quantum healing!


*STAR SEEDS are Children 15 years young or younger


*HEALINGS: Most souls require more than 1 session. Usually 3 sessions are required for a deep clearing as the energy is cleared in layers. If you are experiencing chronic issues/illness, have had or having trauma, or deep rooted trauma then you may require more sessions to clear & shift. Each person will vary in the amount of sessions needed, depending on what they are healing or wanting to shift & how much inner work they continue to do in between or after. Between each session you will need time to process, integrate & shift the energy. After the sessions you may or may not experience emotional, physical, mental or spiritual releases. This is a great time for you to BE with everything that has come up and surfaced for you to release.  


*DISCLAIMER: Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs do not treat, heal, advise or cure any illnesses or diseases. The information and services provided on the site and by Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs is for general interest in spirituality purposes only; nothing herein is intended or implied to serve as medical or therapeutic advice or treatment. Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs is not a medical doctor or medical institution nor does Alicia Lukacs-Hall/Eva Lukacs diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and offerings such as energy healing, vibrational re-alignment, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, offerings, services or products provided on the site as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor. Service intention is for the highest good of all concerned~Intend for a smooth integration. 


*Appointment Waiver: Full payment is due prior to receiving Zoom Link. If you need to cancel your appointment, we will honour a ONE- time rescheduling. However, at the time of payment and commitment, the healing begins and we begin to hold space for you. Therefore, there are no refunds.