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Blessing Beyond the Soul Path

Divine Message from Oracle & Guides + Blessing Activity 

✨Blessing Beyond the Soul Path✨


“I am bringing light, clarity and abundance into the fields To everyone I see, into all life I see. As I let go of attachments all is given to me in Divine Flow. I now remember Source Love & Light in every particle of creation raising its vibration to become part of HeavenONEarth”

✨Honour ALL Life

✨Exchange of Joy without Karma

✨Paradigm Shift

✨Bless ALL Life

✨freely express, manifest & heal

✨integrate, embrace, embody

✨New~Divine Masculine/Feminine

✨ New Earth, New Life, HeavenONEarth is built ontrust, joy, integrity & divine inspiration. 

Continued Wisdom in the Audio followed by a Blessing Activity. 

Alicia 💜

Card~Lemurian Starchild Oracle

Flute~Sacred Sevens







#LightCodes #LightSounds


#HeavenONEarth #krystallineascension



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