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Breathe the Sun Message & Activation

Divine Message from Oracle & Channeled Activation~Light Transmission to connect Pineal to Krystal Heart ♾ ☀️Breathe the SUN☀️ Affirmation:  “As I breathe the Sun, I acknowledge that too I am a radiant Being of Light”. ☀️Presence ☀️Pineal Activation ☀️Relax, Let Go, Receive ☀️Photon-breathing ☀️Cosmic Light frequencies  ☀️Portal to One Heart ☀️Energizes Light body ☀️Krystal Heart Source Clear your energy, align & protect, then open your Heart.  Honour the Sun. Speak to the Sun. Create an inverted triangle 🔻 with your hands and place them at your Krystal Heart (aka Higher Heart, Cosmic Heart, Thymus Goand). Then intend to breathe in the Krystalline frequencies of the Sun into all levels of your Being! Big deep belly breathes! I would breathe 33 breathes or 3 sets of 13 breathes. See/feel/know the Krystalline frqwuncies are flowing into and through your inverted triangle and expanding into all levels of your Being. Chant KA-RA-YA-SA-TA-AA-LA 13 times. Integrate-integrate-integrate. Thank the Sun. 🙏☀️ Light Transmission~connects Eyes of Truth (Pineal) to Heart of Truth/Love/Wisdom (Krystal Heart) Alicia 💜 Card~Lemurian Starchild Oracle Flute~Anthony Barr Sacred Sevens #divinemessage #GalacticActivator #KrystalSunPriestessGuide #MultidimensionalHealer #PeaceKeeper #Frequencytransmuter #LightCodes #LightSounds #UNITYAmbassador #HeavenONEarth #krystallineascension #ascensiontool

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