Bubble Journey

One of my favorite times is taking people on a journey whether through meditation or in healing..  Today if it resonates  allow this bubble to surround you,  feel the essence while in this bubble  and think of it as adventure and freedom vs a bubble of limitation, this one is just protecting you from falling out... so  just be in this bubble and allow this magical dolphin to take you to a place that you once walked upon ,   a planet , a star,  a different dimension ..just be in  allowance to go beyond your imagination... wherever you go awaken your remembrance of this beautiful place and reach out and take a little piece of it and put it into your heart space , stay as long as you like and intend that when you open your eyes you are safely grounded back in your body ...   Where did you journey...   I went to Lemuria...   I don't think I was alone and some of you were there with me...   :)

Eva Lukacs

#shamaness #galacticactivator #krystallineascension

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