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Connect with Nature~Become ONE!

Right now there are many shifts occurring for ALL. To assist with the integration process Connect with Nature~become ONE! 

Chief Joseph-Nez Perce

”The Earth and myself are of one mind.”

🍁Go Outside 

🌳Hug a Tree, hug a Rock

👣Walk barefoot

🤎Plant yourself into the soil

🎶Listen to the sounds 

💦Let the water cleanse you

🌹See the beauty all around you

🌱Speak to the Nature Kingdom

🌍BREATHE into Mother Gaia

🌀Restore, Integrate, Rejuvenate   

✨See, feel & hear the frequencies

We are ONE. Mother Gaia is not ours, We are not hers. We are ONE. ~Alicia Lukacs-Hall

Personal photo of my niece 🤎








#LightCodes #LightSounds



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