Cosmic Egg Update

My son, an awakened galactic Starseed who inter-dimensionally travels all the time with and as his higher self(s) and cosmic team gave me feedback from his egg! His in particular I had created-I had painted light language on it then I was told to paint over it and then write more light language. They told me it would be revealed to him and he would be able to read/see/feel the Light frequencies within and on the egg.

Wow, he didn’t sleep the night because of how energized he was & recorded 5 journal pages of his Divine travels as he received and embraced all the wisdom, downloads, activations within his Cosmic Egg! All of this was done by gazing and holding it.

Even though one may not feel/see the unseen frequencies within or on the Cosmic Egg, I wanted to share with you that these are very powerful ascension tools and you/Higher Self(s) will receive what they need to at this time that is for your highest and best good. You may just integrate it differently throughout different levels of your being (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental). And each time you connect with it through meditation, you will go deeper.

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