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Crystal Guardians

Crystal Guardians?

Beings who honour & guard the Divine Crystal Consciousness.

Crystals have always made me feel “at home”, hence choosing to have them surrounding me & connecting with them. Crystals have their own unique consciousness. And I honour my crystals as if they were another soul. I speak to them, take care of them & build relationships with them. They are one of my Divine Teachers, that share their beauty, wisdom & love.

How do I build relationship with crystals? Well, for me, I choose 1 crystal to connect with, while still acknowledging the others~they are my crystal family after all! With the crystal I have chosen, I will hold it daily, and if small carry it with me, sleep with it, and meditate with it. I will do this for about 3 weeks, or until I feel the wisdom/downloads being shared with me at that time are complete. I will then take some time to integrate the teachings and wisdom. I will then choose another crystal to connect with.

I respect the relationship of giving and receiving, so at times I will also gift crystals back to Mother Gaia. I have always chosen trees that I really connect to. I will usually choose a tree I have in mind and then prepare to bring a special offering to them that day. The trees are always sooo happy to receive!

If you are a crystal lover (& Guardian) like me, I invite you to try these 2 sacred tools of connecting, giving & receiving! I feel these will expand your consciousness & your connection to crystals & Mother Gaia! I know my children also love choosing crystals to bring home to connect with and also choosing crystals to give to the trees~both excite them (&me)!










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