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Ether + Matter Message & Light Transmission

Divine Message from Oracle & Channeled Light Transmission~Weaving of the New Paradigm Into BEing

🐬♾Ether & Matter♾🐬


“I rise and dive into Cosmic waves of Ether and Matter. I Evolve and grow through JOY, leaving behind the need to learn through suffering. I am Creator! I am Free! I am ether in matter. I am matter in ether. I am ONE with all”.

♾New Life, New Paradigm

🐬Spiritualized matter


🐬Sacred Dolphin Codes

♾Travel Dimensions between Etheric & Physical

🐬Joy, Play, Weave

♾Inner-child healing

🐬Initiation~create space for New Earth, New Life, HeavenONEarth

Non-judgement. Don’t define yourself as grounded or etheric, simply flow with the colours and waves of the moments. Ask the Pleiadians to initiate you into the New Paradigm that transforms your life. I invite you to become a conduit for Etheric Light by receiving blessings in the physical realm. Create space for New Life by Connecting daily to the new paradigm, a vision of Unity, Sovereignty and Divine Love, which gives you the highest light vibration while encouraging all of your energies to be present within the body.

Protect, Ground, Align and open Krystal heart. 

Light Transmission~Dolphin Codes of Ether & Matter, guiding you to weave the New Paradigm into Being. Sacred frequencies from the Krystal Heart Source. Frequencies from their heart to yours. 💖🐬🌏💎♾

Integrate, integrate, Integrate. 

Alicia 💜

Card~Lemurian Starchild Oracle

Personal tuning fork~Heart 528HZ







#LightCodes #LightSounds


#HeavenONEarth #krystallineascension





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