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Hippo Spirit Connection

Inviting you to call in the Hippopotamus Spirit! 

🟤Divine Power of Connection

🟤teaches you that all created beings are to evolve and become ONE with the life force of The Creator

🟤nature is conscious of Presence 

🟤born "knowing" the connection to The Creator & water element

🟤Many ancient civilizations believed that the gateway to the spirit world was through water

🟤This spiritual knowing can be attained by submerging yourself in sacred waters/bath and training yourself to pay focused attention on your intuitive messages and instincts that arise

🟤symbol of love, motherhood, healing fertility, protection of children and the sacred waters of the Nile River in Egypt

🟤Rejuvenation, Awareness, Health & Healing

🟤regain power of connection by simply going into nature, and by listening to what you "feel", this is Spirit speaking within you

🟤Hippo can help you reconnect to that divine conscious awareness and help you to begin to flow with it once again

🦛invite them into your meditation-becoming the Hippo

🦛use music and drumming to enhance connection

🦛move like the animal spirit to align with their energies & essence

🦛ask to receive a Divine message from the Hippo





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