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Holographic House-Space-Property Clearing & Alignment

Holographic House-Space-Property Clearing & Realignment!

Raise the Vibration of your Sacred Space with Energy Clearings

*2 Clearings (3 weeks apart)

*2 Galactic Lightworkers

*2 maintenance techniques to apply afterwards

*clearings, grid work & alignment of frequencies

Lots of High Frequency Energy is flowing into our Matrix right now. BUT lots of old, stuck, stagnant energy can keep our house/space energy in the lower vibrations due to energy imprints from you/others or previous home/space owners. We also have Dark Energy trying to creep in or has been brought into our house/space already causing (recently major) issues in the household/spaces. Energies in the house/space can affect relationships, health, finances and more. Or have you done a lot of spiritual work on yourself?   Are you aware as your spiritual vibration raises you may feel misaligned to your home/space? You have become a changed person but your spacey has not? Would now like to have your space in alignment with who you are?  Space Clearings can bring your home/space into alignment with who you are.  After all now that you have increased your vibration do you really what your home to hold you back?

By clearing the energy in the house/space allows more cosmic flow, leaving the energy in the atmosphere clean, lighter, uplifted, balanced & protected. Galactic Lightworkers~Shamans; Eva Lukacs & Alicia Lukacs-Hall, will clear entities, negative attachments/thought forms, contracts, waywards, watchers & transmute all that which no longer is serving you from your house/space & property. After we will then grid your sacred space on an energetic level which will keep your space well protected! Then we will call in high vibrational frequencies to align your house/space & property energies to the highest level of integration. We will remotely facilitate 2 clearings, three weeks apart. After each clearing we will connect on Zoom or you will receive a written report. We will leave you with 2 highly recommended techniques to apply afterwards to maintain your house/space energy protected & aligned. Energetic Clearing your house/space is as important as physically cleaning your house/space!

Why clear a space?

-new home/space

-uplift energy in space

-trouble selling home

-release energy imprints

-clear negative energy activity

-seasonal or yearly clearing

-raised your vibration-(space needs a raise in vibration too)

-multiple physical space issues

-transitions (divorce,death,trauma)

-feeling unsafe, or negative emotions in certain areas of space

*all spaces are unique, so depending on reason of clearing your space or the amount of negative energy/activity, more sessions may be required for full effect. We will keep an open line of communication in regards to this*

This Space Clearing Session consists of realignments and clearings of your space & property.  

In order to conduct this clearing session we would need:

*Your complete address and a single photo of your house

*Your Current name, name at birth, DOB, Where you were born

*Permission to access your Akashic Records

All of this is kept confidential!

Note: You must be the homeowner, this includes if you are paying rent.

Ready to align the energy of your home-space-property with who you are?

Contact us today to request your personalized Space Clearing Session.

$222 remotely

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