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These words are very powerful for yourself as you become your own inner healer. Sit with this mantra, feel into it.  This statement releases the negative emotional attachments, contracts, & more that you & others have placed upon you from this lifetime & beyond. When we walk with Grace and are able to forgive ourselves with unconditional love and let go, we are then able to offer a gift to SELF-the gift to set yourself FREE! 

Free from all the guilt, shame, judgement, hatred, pain, fear & more. Inviting you to repeat this statement as much as you need to and as often as you like.

A chanting healing prayer my family and I use for self and to others is called the Ho’oponopono, an Indigenous Hawaiian Healing Prayer. 

A mantra for SELF-LOVE, an ascension tool for transformation. It is more powerful to forgive then to live with the deep stuck negative emotions & attachments. As you forgive & let go with Grace, you feel lighter & you raise your frequency to higher vibrations. 

This can be a prayer to SELF, others, Mother Gaia or any place, item, situation, thought or feeling! When you offer forgiveness to others, we are in return forgiving ourselves, as we are ONE-all connected to ONE consciousness.

You begin by thinking about the person/place/situation/feeling. (If the person is there with you, you can then choose to hold hands, look at each other in the eyes, or even touch foreheads as you speak or chant the mantra. If the item is there with you, you can then choose to hold it in your hands.) Then you, with unconditional love, begin the mantra:

I am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You

Repeat this as many times as you wish until you feel the vibrational release and emotional shift within. I would recommend repeating it in sets of 3’s, but do what resonates with you. 

Here is a link to the Ho’oponopono chant that you can listen to & sing along!












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