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Krystal Light Body Absorption & Integration

Not only does this technique raise your vibration, It allows our Light Body to integrate the Krystal Light into our physical body. This process is “feeding our Soul” with (5th dimensional +) Light.

I do this daily and I always clear my energy, ground and align before starting. I ground, align & connect into Mother Earths Diamond Krystal Core & the Light Kingdom above of pure unconditional Love.

Steps to remember;


*inverted triangle

*intention is to call in the frequencies of the Krystal Sun/Central Sun

*13 breathes to absorb & then 3 long deep breaths to integrate

*13 times @ these 3 points-root chakra, Krystal heart, crown chakra

*I see the frequencies as bright, sparkly diamond, auroric, rainbow colours...flowing into me, filling my Light Body and becoming those frequencies.

Love is Light 🤍🌈🔆

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