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Krystal Sun Light Transmission

Vibrational Expression. Galactic Activation to speak & see Divine Truth. Connecting pineal gland-to your Krystal Heart-to the expressive voice of Divine Truth🔺

🌀Download of frequencies 

🌀Express your Divine Wisdom & Divine Truth

🌀Activation to Speak Truth

🌀integrating all frequencies 

🌀Krystal Sun Codes of Consciousness 

🌀Emerald Rays

🌀WE are the portals to unknown gateways beyond these realms~our Truth are through these portals

🌀Accessing higher realms of Consciousness 

🌀Receiving, integrating & speaking frequencies of unconditional love 

🌀Rise of the Phoenix children~gaze upon the Sun, breathe in the Krystalline Sun codes of consciousness, Chant KA RA YA SA TA AA LA 13 times. Honour, Thank, & integrate

If you resonate, breathe this in. 

Alicia 💜☀️

Music:Anthony Barr, Sacred Sevens









#LightCodes #LightSounds





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