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Sacred Mountain ⛰

Journey #7


✨clarity truth 


✨deep healing 

✨supporting earths ascension

✨healing the unconscious

The sacred mountain tells of the journey of vision and purpose. The mountain is a place of sacred ceremony, a place of great harmony, initiate an energy healing, and also a gathering Place to initiate new projects, and to celebrate new relationships. Can you feel the renewed sense of purpose, the higher vision that is received in your pineal gland? It activates the wisdom that is already in your heart, so give it attention to the emerge. Connect to the sacred mountain to integrate this vision of wisdom in your conscious awareness. by going on a VisionQuest you will leave behind any worries in your heart and any residues of the old paradigm, because the mountain will take them from you. New energies are coming your way, follow the trail of these energies for they lead you to the sacred mountain. The air is thin on the sacred mountain, and free of thought forms that can distract you. Therefore, this journey helps you connect to your heart and to face your demons. The sacred mountain is happy to take your demons from you and give you visions of high vibrational truths in return. Such is the generosity of this mountain being. Are you a warrior, do you want to conquer the mountain? For you, there are times when you need to surrender to the universe, so that nature can do its work. Nothing is asked from you in this process, except To open your hands to let go and receive. Release your previous identities, for you are destined to go beyond them on the sacred mountain. Through this process, you are finding a deep heart connection within and without. Now you are in your cosmic light, manifesting a new life from your creator consciousness.

Affirmation: I embrace the power and majesty of the mountain, allowing it to remove the residues of the old paradigm.

Love is Light, Alicia 💜








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