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Love this Krystal Heart Activator Wand! 💎💖

I use mine daily to honour & connect with the Krystal Sun & the Krystalline Codes of Consciousness~Soul Technology! The connection is powerful & potent! Conscious breathing, chanting, & energizing my Light Body with the frequencies. An exchange of light codes. Giving my love, honouring, and receiving. Each and every day I connect with the Krystalline frequencies, anchoring & integrating into the here & now.

Align with the Krystalline frequencies today & everyday! 

💎Krystal Heart

💎Higher Heart

💎Cosmic Heart Matrix

💎Etheric Heart 

💎Thymus Chakra

💎Christ/Sophia Consciousness 



💎Divine Love

💎Divine Wisdom

💎Divine Truth

💎True Essence

To awaken, align, deepen, enhance and/or expand your Krystal Heart and ONEness, here is the link to read a detailed description & receive your own Activator Wand:

*picture of Krystal Heart Activator Wand highlighted in Desert Rose crystal cluster*







#LightCodes #LightSounds







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