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Meditation~Raise Your Frequency

Meditation whether guided or silent, long or fast, it raises your vibration! Why? Because you are becoming present in that moment with Peace, so you are in a heightened state of Consciousness, raising your frequency. You are also connecting with Breathe-our Divine connection to Source. Meditating does much more for your Body, Mind & Soul then raise your frequency, so Without going into detail about meditation, I invite you to start meditating daily with what resonates with you. A guided journey meditation you can find online, a silent meditation while listening to binaural beats (low sound), or even a walking meditation in silence as you feel the frequencies of nature and breathe deeply. If you don’t meditate and want to start small, I suggest pausing throughout the day and taking long deep breaths from your belly for 1 minute! Try doing this every 3 hours..and work your way up! Most importantly, notice how you feel when your meditating and after meditating. Notice the change in your vibration. Watch the magic unfold! 🧘‍♀️


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