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October Special

For the month of October we wanted to extend a gift to all of you by offering our collaborated service of Quantum Holographic Healing “October Special”! Why? Because we love empowering our fellow Star Brothers/Sisters and feel that many are now ready to heal, expand, transform, align and embody a Higher Aspect of themselves! 

What you receive:

✨1 hr healing with 2 Facilitators

✨ 90 min total (chat before & after)

✨Multidimensional Healing

Multidimensional? Quantum? 

What does this mean?: 

✨shift past lifetimes 

✨release trauma & fears 

✨create new realities

✨break contracts

✨awaken gifts & talents

✨align with Higher Aspect

✨remember who you are

✨root cause on a cellular level

✨personalized activations

✨personalized alignments 

What makes our healings unique? 

✨integrate Galactic & Ancient healing modalities & techniques (including Akashic Records, Star Magic, Soul Technology, Reiki, 5D Quantum Holographic, Priestess & Shamaness Guidance & more!)

✨exchange light codes, sounds & frequencies with Interdimenaional Beings & Realms that affects positive transformation on a quantum level

✨facilitate healing on all levels~mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, across all necessary realities.

*Book for anytime in October to receive for $333. Original price is $444.*

Love is Light, Namaste

Alicia 💜 & Eva 💛









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#HeavenONEarth #krystallineascension

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