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October Workshops!



Spell casting?! Magic?! White Witches?! Oh My!

Oh Yes! Words are magical, as they hold frequencies and when we speak or even think of words in our minds we are spellcasting, whether good/bad and consciously/unconsciously!

White Witches are Witches who work with the LIGHT~white magic, versus your typical scary Halloween Witch who would remind us of DARK~black magic! Eva & I have carried forward our ancient White Witch/Merlin magic, gifts and talents to this lifetime which allows us to step into the role of being Quantum Architects of our own realities (yes, we continue daily to expand our wisdom around creating)! However, We still love creating & mixing potions (essential oils), spellcasting (Intentions/affirmations/conscious thinking), and know & embrace our magical Self (Beings of Light with Divine Powers)!

Gather with Eva Lukacs & Alicia Lukacs-Hall, White Witches, Galactic Guides & Quantum Architects. We will share with you in how to step into the role as a Divine magical White Witch or Merlin (?once again) to consciously create a new reality for yourself with conscious words, thoughts and actions!

Online: Saturday October 24th @ 1pm EST $44

In-person: Friday October 30th @ 6:30pm $66

In-Person Event:

Due to restrictions, we can at this time only accept 13 White Witches/Magical Merlin’s. To reserve your spot, please register at This event will be held in Welland and will receive the address after registration. If for some reason, restrictions are greater we will have the event online! We will have a fire to keep warm and we are also going to be spell casting with the fire and with our Cacao drinks! Dress warm, bring a blanket and feel free to dress as a White Witch/Magical Merlin! Special gift for all who attend the in-person event!

Online or In-person, please email us to register at

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