Rebirth of Divine Masculine

Most know that the reclaiming of Divine Feminine are now rising! However, the Divine Masculine had also been hijacked and are now rising! Now is the time to embrace UNITY on all levels, meaning the unification of both, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine! We facilitate Multidimensional healings that at times bring in Higher Aspects of Self into the here and now through a rebirth. Alot of our clients are women and during those times, women will rebirth themselves in the quantum field. The other day we had a male client. One might ask, what happens in this situation when a male needs to rebirth themselves? It was Divine!….Mother Mary came in to birth him as Divine Mother and Melchizedek came in to hold space as Divine Father! Then gathered divine feminine midwives for creation in the womb, followed by his soul family, divine masculine tribe to hold space. It was truly divine, sacred, and powerful to be a part of! Eva became an Goddess of Protection, wrapping her wings - keeping the space sacred & at a high vibration as I joined the midwives to assist in his rebirth of the unification of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. His whole Being was  re-programmed, activated and aligned with his personal light codes followed by a soul realignment with that higher aspect of Self! We were honoured to have held space for his rebirth & now support him through his integration and transformation process! ✨🔱










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