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Recent Light Language Activations!

We are feeling so blessed! Taking sacred time to honour and celebrate 11 Divine Star Sisters & Brothers! One week ago~All had received their powerful Light Language Activations, which is a reawakening to their Heart Language~a language of frequencies expressed through the Cosmic Heart~a Soul Voice. For some it was emotional, a homecoming...They all vibrationally expressed amazing voices, writings, hand gestures and more! Many Star Beings of Pure unconditional love joined as well to assist and support! Whether online or in person, both now creates an even bigger sacred circle of unity & connection. With many requests we will have to plan a date for all to connect to share experiences and go even deeper by speaking and connecting with others in Our Heart Language!

Alicia & Eva 💜💛

*Lyran Pic represents a Divine Soul-Picture from Light Being Codes Art*








#LightCodes #LightSounds


#HeavenONEarth #krystallineascension




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