These sacred Cosmic Egg’s are powerful, unique and personalized as a vibrational expression to activate ONE’s energetic soul essence. The wooden egg is hand painted or stained, with intuitively channeled colours, Light Codes & Light Language. It is then honoured with sage & drumming followed by an activation with Galactic frequencies. Galactic frequencies are Light frequencies of codes, sacred geometry, verbal light language that are guided from ours/your Higher Selves, Sophia Christ Consciousness, Angels & Archangels, Ascended Masters, Collectives, Galactic Collectives, Spirit Guides, Colour Rays & Frequencies and more.


Each Cosmic Egg comes with a Divinely written channeled message and an explanation of what codes, frequencies, downloads, upgrades, activations, and/or alignments reside within and on the Egg. You will also receive a recorded message IF the reading or message comes through as verbal Light language.


Can be used as display, to gaze into the frequencies, or held gently to feel the frequencies in meditation.


How do we receive the vibrational expression?


We open up your Akashic Records (with your permission) and channel a vibrational expression within and on the Cosmic Egg that is needed for your Soul at that time. Each Cosmic Egg is unique and by that I mean, it can bring frequencies of healing, amplify your awakening & remembrance, assist in embodiment of higher frequencies that are aligned for your highest good, bring forward inner Wisdom & Truth, receive Divine guidance, expand your consciousness, transmute energies no longer serving you, raise your vibration, bring forth downloads, upgrades, & activations, and so much more, all depending on what One is ready to receive.


Special Requests?


We can create a sacred Cosmic Egg that is a vibrational expression of a Collective Frequency (examples; Archangel frequency) or specifically of what you would like to be vibrationally expressed, activated and/or aligned with on & within the Cosmic Egg, such as “frequencies of healing”. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Please read Creation Type for your selection of style.


ALL Cosmic Egg’s are UNIQUE & personalized for ALL Souls & Starseeds!!




$111 plus shipping/handling 


NO exchanges or refunds, Please contact us with any concerns.

Cosmic Egg

  • $111 + shipping & handling for 17 years & younger

    $144 + shipping & handling for 18 years & up

    No refunds or exchanges

    Please contact if any concerns


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