This is a KEY to unlock, expand, align and activate your Krystal Heart (Higher Heart) to the 144 frequencies of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom & Divine Sovereignty.


It is Sacred Galactic Soul Technology that we have created to bring the Higher Realm Wisdom and to use it in the here & now to assist us with our Krystalline Soul integration. It has been activated with Pure Divine Light Codes & Frequencies, Beings of Light, Higher Realms and Collectives connecting with the Krystal Sun, your Krystal Heart, Mother Gaia's Crystal core & the Cosmic Consciousness. It has been specifically created with Palo Santo, Rose Quartz Crystal and Copper Wire.


Upon purchasing you will receive a detailed description of the Activation how to use it in your daily life and details on the Activation, Palo Santo, Rose Quartz Crystal and the Copper Wire.


This is an amazing sacred tool to use as an Energy Healer with your Soul-aligned clients!


Love, honour & thank your Krystal Heart Activator Wand.


© Krystalline Asecension~ Alicia Lukacs-Hall & Eva Lukacs 

Krystal Heart Activator

  • $88 + shipping & handling

    No refund or exchange

    Please contact if any concerns

  • Do not get wet.

    Clean gently with dry, soft cloth.

    Handle with care.