Krystal Light Body Activation Kit



1 Activated Light Frequency “GRACE” Roller Bottle

1 Activated Light Frequency “ONENESS” Spray Bottle

1 Galactic Soul Technology “KRYSTAL HEART ACTIVATOR WAND”


The Krystal Light Body Activation Kit activates your Krystalline Rainbow Light Body on all levels of your Being assisting you with your Ascension journey. The activation works along with essential oils, Galactic Soul Technology, sacred geometry and the frequencies of many Light Beings, (Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactics) & many more Celestial Frequencies, Aurora Frequencies, Master, Rainbow & Krystal Rays. Activating & Aligning all with the Codes of Creation. All honoured with sage and drumming. We invite you to use this Sacred Kit as an ascension tool daily to become fully activated & aligned with the high vibrational frequencies


How to Use:


GRACE~Roller Bottle: Roll once onto to the bottom of each feet every PM or when needed. Do not digest. 1Oml. Accept, release, surrender. I AM GRACE.


ONENESS~Spray Bottle: Spray above head allowing it to align with & enter into the crown chakra or spray at heart chakra, walking into the mist. Do not digest. 2oz. Integrate, embrace, allow. I AM ONE.


KRYSTAL HEART Activator Wand: 

1) Use intuitively. 2) Hold it in your left hand. With your right hand flat, bring it up to your thymus gland area (slightly below collar bone). Tap that area quickly and gently while taking 3 deep belly breaths (on the outbreath, open your mouth). Now, bring the Wand up to your Krystal Heart (thymus gland), and hold it with both hands. Say out loud 3 times “I now activate my Krystal Heart. The 3-fold Flame, Rose Gold Flame & Krystal Spiral is integrated within me now. I embrace the powerful Key Codes of Light within this Wand. Thank you.” Now repeat the tones of “KA-RA-YA-SA-TA-AA-LA”, 13 times. See the Krystal Spiral enter Your thymus gland & light up in the 3-fold Flame (Pink/Violet, Blue & Gold/Yellow), Rose Gold Flame and Diamond Rainbow frequencies. See a Krystal Heart within your thymus gland.. Now expand this frequency out into all levels of your Being. See your Whole Being (every system, organ, cell, bone) & beyond as Diamond Rainbow frequencies, geometric shapes, and light codes. Your Merkabah is now activated around your Krystalline Light Body. Become one with this frequency. I AM KRYSTAL HEART. This is a KEY to unlock your Krystal Heart, Divine Wisdom, Divine Love & Divine Power. This is Sacred Galactic Soul Technology. Love, honour & thank your Krystal Heart Activator Wand. You can place this on your alter-remember that Consciousness lives in these sacred pieces of wood, crystals and wands.

Krystal Light Body Activation Kit

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