Vibrational Creatrix


Light language is a form of Heart Language, an ancient language that is understood by your heart & Higher Self. Light Language is a vibrational expression of frequencies that can be expression through speaking, singing, writing and hand gestures. The words and sounds hold a vibrational frequency to the listener, where one can tune into the deeper meaning behind the Light Language, which may sound like gibberish.   Your heart & subconscious mind can understand it along with the ancient wisdom that is being channeled.


I express Light language through speaking, writing, and drawing codes and symbols through clairvoyance with the assistance of my Queen Shaman. I transmit it on paper and the vocal message through audio, where the two become a powerful personalized message.  Each Vibrational Creatrix is completely unique, as it is channeled and expressed according to the receiver. Light language can be very healing to the body, mind and spirit, as it holds a divinely high frequency.

You will be able to use all three pieces to help you activate and anchor your personalized energetic download into your physical Being and each time it will integrate deeper within your DNA.  You can listen to the recording as many times as you wish while gazing at the picture or at the Creatrix with intention of receiving further guidance and awareness to that which you requested.


Each piece is unique and personalized (no duplications) as I tune into your soul essence to speak, write and draw what will be channeled to me. I will need some information prior to creating your personalized Light Language Vibrational Creatrix.


What you will receive:

You will receive the Vibrational Creatrix, the original paper I channeled onto with codes, symbols & writings, the download I received, and the recording of your Soul Light language activation. 


*Please note that these pictures are samples I downloaded for viewing purposes only, your Vibrational Creatrix will be more extensive*


Please view additional information on Creatrix Design


$88.88 plus shipping & handling, price may increase for cyrstal choice-would notify you before Creatrix is started

Vibrational Creatrix

  • $88.88 plus shipping & handling

    *price may increase for cyrstal choice-would notify you before Creatrix is started*

    No refunds or exchanges.

    Please contact if any concerns.

  • Display choice:

    Standing or flat.

    You can hang the flat pieces up if you so choose.

    Colour Choice:

    Intuitively channeled unless otherwise specified.

    Creatrix Vibration Choice:

    Choose an energtic vibration you would like to anchor in.

    Crystal Choice:

    Intuitively chosen, unless otherwise specified.

    Price may increase  for cyrstal choice-would notify you before Creatrix is started.

    Materials Used:

    wood, ceramic and crystals

© 2020 by Alicia Lukacs-Hall & Eva Lukacs. All rights reserved. 

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