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Sacred Celebration Stories

Multidimensional Holographic Healing with Eva & Alicia:

"This healing was like nothing I had experienced in my 30 years as a Lightworker, if I had one wish for each of you it would be that you would invest in yourself and have a treatment. For the past 9 days I've had people asking me what have you done, you look lighter, brighter and let me tell you I am. Now you're asking what this treatment is, and what I would say to you is it's like a past life regression, a clearing, a Reiki treatment, a soul revival, vibrational healing all rolled into one held in a beautiful safe sacred space. Everything that came up in my healing has now been verified this week, I now know where I am going, and what the spirit world wants from me and for me. I always thought I was at peace now I know true peace and true joy. Amazingly blessed." 


Grandmother Songbird~Reiki Master, Medium, Past Life Regression Guide

Krystalline Akashic Emanation:

"What BEautifull gifts Eva and Alicia have to bring forward....I gifted myself a reading and it was truly beautifull,Sacred and touched every part of my BE..INg The written words and Audio hold sooo many codes of Light that you want to keep going back, connecting and feeling the Love and Light streaming through...... If you are looking to gift yourself and have been looking for that somethkng..Look no further" S.J.

"I just Received an amazing personalized Divine Message/Activation from the KRYSTALLINE Akashic Records. I noticed that due to my ascending and embodying more of my higher dimensional truth and becoming more crystalline, loved ones and people I encounter are perhaps feeling my light and maybe afraid or taken back by this energetic signature, thereby causing disharmony within my relationships. I will continue to receive, embody and shine forth my highest light to come into alignment with the divine harmony and my  divine soul song of creation. I am open to receive the opportunities and possibilities and manifestations to begin. I am all in. Thank you divine ascension guide" A. B.

Light Language Activation Workshop

"This was one of the most empowering workshops I have ever experienced I recommend it to anyone who wants to go higher to find their true self 🧡 thank you Eva and Alicia for holding such a beautiful sacred space". A.H.

"This was the most impactful workshop I ever been to! I discovered so much about myself and what I can do to assist other people! After the workshop, I assisted in healing people in my household even though I’ve never done healing work! The light language just guided me to heal and did it’s work through me! I’m so grateful for attending this workshop. Thank you x10000 to Alicia Lukacs-Hall and Eva Lukacs for activating this language within me!" R.M.

"Such an honour to be here and to connect with other divine beings. Thank you for holding us in such an amazing and loving space and encouraging me to speak and sing my Light language. I will certainly share some insights in the next few days. Love and blessings to you all" .......It was truly wonderful- my second time and even more wonderful too" M.M. 


"It was a magical connection with everyone" S.K.


"What a beautiful time together sharing and expressing in light language xo. I have been sharing light language with Nemo, my divine soul partner disguised as a dog and also Blessing, another soul partner disguised as a bearded dragon. It’s really wonderful to witness the languages change with each. I feel so blessed to have shared in this time with you all 

I enjoyed every minute of this workshop! I'm feel I'm glowing with inner and outer happiness. Thank you so much!" M.H.

Thank you - It's been incredible since Friday.  I feel different and even though, this isn't home - it's where I live.   💚 Between, seeing Merlin and Apollo and the beautiful celebration I experienced... It was so life changing!  The symbol was the first one that I drew even really before we started anything. Many blessings 💚 Chelle W.


"It was such an amazing session! Thank you both for being such amazing guides & giving us the opportunity to reawaken and start using our own light language" G. K.

"OMG my Light Language flows now as I start my yoga practice. It’s amazing to me. Its as if its coming out as gratitude for my practice. I love it. I can also feel the love emanating from my high heart." L.L.

Light Integrations within the Krystalline Portal:

Ancestral Healing:

"That was the most magical ancestral healing I”ve ever experienced" A.B.

Inner Child Healing & Activation:

"Thank you so much Eva Lukacs ~Akashic Guide  and Alicia Lukacs-Hall ~Galactic Guide  for this light integration journey! I've been working with "little me" for a few years now. It's been hard work but so rewarding. In today's journey with her, it was an amazing experience to have such a positive connection. We were able to embrace each other, hug, and love with trust. This is one of the first times I have been able to do this with her. When you guided me through a regression to meet "little me", I found a baby lamb walking along beside me. As I got closer and closer, this lamb became an adult, and the baby was now next to "little me" .Before the session, you asked for me to have a picture of me from the age of 0 - 7. I believe I was about 7 years of age in the photo below on this soul teacher in the form of a horse. When I first connected with this photo, I saw a scared little girl on this big, huge horse. I saw a girl who was uncertain. After this session with you, this girl is no longer scared! She is smiling and the photo has changed. I see her in such a different light now! And you know what? The photo has changed in that I can see her head glowing, her energy expanding outwards, no longer stuck. The picture has changed from what I first witnessed it to be! It's freaking mind blowing how powerful this journey was. Eva, Alicia, THANK YOU from my heart and soul for this experience. I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to get in touch with their inner child, to reach out to these beautiful ladies in being guides for healing. I cannot say enough and in words, it's  difficult to express, so please "feel" into my message here and hear my love's messages. It is so freeing when we can release the parts of our past that no longer serve. I am truly grateful and love you both!" M.H.

Spring Clean Body, Mind & Soul:

"I loved this workshop, my first garden was blank and my second garden was full of red roses, lilacs, and sunflowers. A fluffy wormwood plant gave me some words of wisdom and purple musical drum was visible. Thank you ladies for this most powerful workshop and akashic record session." A.B.


Cosmic Womb Healing & Activation:

"Wow, this was so powerful. Thank you both!" G.K.

"Thank you Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall for this cosmic womb healing and activation. It was powerful and amazing, with such loving vibrations. Being able to release what no longer serves in a safe space, made me feel so comfortable in being able to do so. I haven't been able to have a release like this before. I share much gratitude and love, thank you for holding space for this healing on a collective and personal level xo." M.H.

Cosmic Unicorns Healing & Activation:

"This was a powerful connection and I'm so happy and grateful! I forgot to mention that during the attuning to the unicorn codes and frequencies, I heard the word "freedom" come through. Thank you for this time together! I will always remember this. Magical experience, so much LOVE. Whatever happened, happened on a deep level." M.H.

"I have been working on my root chakra and during this I felt it clear. After the journey I had double vision-so much LGIHT-now to processing and integrating" J.M.

"This was truly amazing I was vibrating and often saw what you were guiding us to see before you actually said it, but I had to lay down for a nap afterwards because I had a bad headache I actually  slept four and a half hours and were still vibrating when I got up." G.S.


Cosmic Angels Healing & Activation:

"After listening to this recording for the second time, I got even more clarity and ascension.  Will do it again to get more.  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.  It is greatly appreciated."

“when you were talking about the Light, the Flame, I could literally feel it right around me, not just around my physical body, but my entire house was encompassed in it and it just expanded to the outside”

“the Light was powerful”

“this was the most powerful, I get powerful experiences a lot, but this one, I think that I have never been able to go as far or as deep as this experience here”

“at the beginning, I have been unwell this week, with a lot of pain in my shoulders and hips and trying to work on all day, and that session was just amazing because at some point, I don’t know at which point, but I must have fallen asleep and then later when we reconnected, I noticed the pain was gone from my hips and shoulders. I really appreciate that. Thank you very much”

“I have crystals, Angelic ones and when I opened up my eyes, I could see faces, different faces in them”

Light Activations with 4 Ascended Masters:

“OMG!  This integration was mind blowing.  I could feel the love, compassion and was able to visualize in a way that was so literal.  The visions were crystal clear and came through so vividly.  I received several personal messages and am truly grateful for all of your guidance.  I so look forward to the next one.  Once again, thank you”

"it was a message from white buffalo woman-to fully embody my powers"

"I felt a shift in my throat and ear. Wow so powerful"

"There is a peace that is deep within. I’ve been invited to work with it as it’s been hidden for a long time. I’ve been visited to find this within me. Thank you xo"

"it felt warm and sacred....thank you for the journey!"

Quantum Express Activations:

"OMG - can I just say WOWZERS! What a journey!! If you've not yet had the opportunity to join the quantum express activation then do it! Words cannot express how amazing this was. So much cleared. So much assimilated. And such beautiful support from Archangel Michael, 14 dragons of light and celestial beings. Thank you Eva & Alicia such a beautiful, generous gift. Received with much gratitude and appreciation xxx"

"Holy wow, feeling so vibrantly illuminated"

"Wow, I literally felt everything being washed away & I received all the Divine support  of who I want to become"

"I felt I released all of the expectations from me & others and I received the strength to be who I am" 

"Absolutely powerful-when you started to speak the Light Language, my whole body literally absorbed every word, vibration- and I had tears- it was just WOW"

"I'm still vibrating"

Mother Arc Emanations

"This is divinely beautiful, thank you! As I walk through this rainbow cleansing waterfall, I release all that no longer serves. As an attendee of the Mother Arc Light Integration that you Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall facilitated yesterday, I can attest to the deep, beautiful healing that was offered. I felt the need to lay down during this light integration and honoured that. I went into this state of a much needed and desired deep healing, feeling wrapped and cocooned with love. I am ready for the releasing of the old, for it no longer serves me. Thank you for this opportunity to move further into this new energy of who I am, my purpose and so much more. I am ready! I honour this change. Eva, that must have been quite an experience when you were guided to hold space last evening. Thank you for doing that and for honouring this during this very pivotal time here on planet Earth.

Much love to you both Eva and Alicia xo" M.H.

Krystalline Ascension Community~Complimentary Offerings

Facebook LIVE-Multidimensional Healings & a Quantum Journey:

"Wow, that was amazing.  I agree with Alicia, I was able to feel the difference between the 3D and 4D frequencies.  As I was listening to the meditation I could feel, sense and see myself crossing the bridge towards the 5D.  I could see the support team waiting for me to cross.  I made the conscious choice to cross to the 5D and WOW it was bliss but also received the message that I had still a lot of work to do.  Thank you so much for sharing this mediation with me.  I know understand what it is I still need to do and how much more work needs to be done.  Thank you so much!!!" L.L.


Facebook LIVE Inner Child Healing

"Oh ladies that was so beautiful, my little child is so happy and liberated, you guys really are truly amazing guides, facilitators, and healers, feeling blessed." A.B.

"Thank you The healing was so strong & powerful I cried & cried & yawned & yawned. What a powerful session it was a tremendous release" S.K.


Collective Oracle ++ Cosmic Journey

"Wow this was magical thank you both so much. I had drawn my sacred path cards this morning and the messages received we're very similar to the messages that you shared, in the meditation you could feel the heat in the power of the Violet flame thank you from my heart." G.S. 


 Complimentary Meditation: 

"That was truly beautiful! I was able to merge together with my younger self. Her gift to me was just precious. I will always hold gratitude for this experience. Thank you!" M.H.


"That was beautiful and amazing.  I was able to call in my great great grandmother who was a Native Medicine Women. Her message to me was that I hold the gifts of a Native Medicine Women within me and to call her in anytime I need guidance.  I am truly grateful for this journey and will always treasure this journey.  Thank you!" L.L.

"beautiful journey, loved the chords in the music, going up and down the scale, felt like my heart would rise within those chords.....will be back to visit this for more chromium and golden pearl" K.S.

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

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