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Welcome to your

Sacred Awakening Ceremony Rebirthing Earthborn Divinity



The sacred you, your divine soul and your krystalline legacy is calling you.


To walk with a new sacred heartbeat. 


A Krystal heartbeat. The Heavenly tones of creation. 
























Cocooned within Mother Gaia’s womb 

The ceremonial drumming begins

Your heart hears a familiar call 

That feels like home

And the sacred beats grow louder and louder

Your heart connects deeply

And you breathe in your divinity

You breathe in truth

You breathe in wholeness

You feel the pull 

It is now time

You enter into the darkness

Held by the goddess midwives

Surrounded by your soul family

The drumming guides you gracefully

You see the opening of purest light

A new higher potential reality awaits you

You are so ready

With a breathe you take a leap

With your eyes closed you place your foot upon new soils

Naked and pure

With an open heart you beat your first sacred heartbeat

You take your first sacred breath

And your first sacred footsteps

As a whole new sacred you


A Sacred Awakening Ceremony Rebirthing Earthborn Divinity 


A private online immersion. A sacred journey. Just you, Eva and Alicia. 

With our Celestial team, your Sacred Self and your Soul Legacy.

5 x 90min calls during the 33 day journey. 

A purification. 

A re-seeding through 8 star points.  

A rebirth from Mother Gaia’s womb. 

An anchoring of your new version of your Sacred Self. 


A completely new foundational Krystalline Core of your Temple of Light

aka human body architecture.

A whole new organic ‘Heaven on Earth’ blueprint that allows you to embody your Divinity and sacred Soul Legacy Keys (your mission, medicines, magic and masteries) within your physical body. 

A sacred ceremony facilitated by Goddess Midwives, Eva and Alicia, as you rebirth into your organic S.A.C.R.E.D. Self.

A step into a whole new reality that feels like HOME.

An integrative 33 day experience. 

Soul Mentoring within Signal messenger

A 33 day access to potent activations, practical and supportive techniques and tools to assist the physical journey held within a private network aka The Krystalline Ascension Temple. 

A sacred transformation of who you thought you were into who you truly are. 

Energetic Exchange

$4,444 CAD for S.A.C.R.E.D.

Payment plan available upon request

4 sacred spaces available each month 


S.A.C.R.E.D. is included within the Krystalline Legacy Council

(button to the Krystalline Legacy Council page)



Your S.A.C.R.E.D. blueprint will have you remembering your Sacred Self and Soul Legacy, giving you your keys to unlock your Sacred Self and Soul Legacy, allowing you to anchor your Sacred Self and Soul Legacy within. 



The beginning of becoming an Embodied Sacred Creatrix.

Of creating your inner world of Heaven on Earth. 

The sacred bridge of the unseen to the seen.  


Sacred Soul, are you ready to be rebirthed into your SACRED self, into a whole new reality that feels like HOME all while being held, loved and nurtured through it all?! 

Your Multidimensional Facilitators, Goddess Midwives and Soul Mentors

Eva and Alicia are Ascension and Evolution experts guiding Creatrix’s to embody their Divinity and rise into an Embodied Sacred Creatrix Leader of who they truly are. So that they can weave their Soul Legacy and create Heaven on Earth in their inner and outer worlds to experience Truth, Vitality, Wealth and Sacred Union.


The mother and daughter duo are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension, a Celestial-Gaian temple and a mystery school where Creatrix’s upgrade their Krystalline Temple of Light (aka human body architecture) to unlock their hidden potential and rebirth new higher versions of self. 


Known as ‘Architects of Light’, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth, Eva and Alicia share sacred teachings, wisdom and remembrances to master multidimensional living and new ways of being.

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