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Star Key Cosmic Oracle & Galactic Emanation


Personalized Star Key Oracle Card Reading with the Oracle Deck MAGICAL DIMENSIONS.


This Cosmic Oracle reading delves deep into the subconscious and emotions which provides CORE insights into the deeper underlying issues. The placements will show what the energies are surrounding your question, and the tools needed to move past blocks with ease and grace.   


What you Receive:

You will be sent by email a picture of your 7 card layout, an audio Key Insight for each card, intuitive Divine message(s) & a personalized Galactic Light Emanation Activation. 

Star Key Formation:

Key 1: Flicker is your first Key insight for the pulse and energy surrounding the entire issue

Key 2: Spark is the second Key insight needed to illuminate your situation. Your starting point. 

Key 3: Ignite is the third Key insight. This is your initiative fire, momentum and motivation key. 

Key 4: Blaze is the fourth Key insight necessary for creating positive change on your quest. 

Key 5: Shine is the fifth Key insight containing the inspiration needed for transformation.

Key 6: Radiate is the sixth key insight of integration. All previous insights are gathered. 

Key 7: Brilliance is the seventh Key insight raising your situation to full brilliance and wisdom. 


What is a Galactic Light Emanation?

I become a Pure vessel of Love, connecting to Higher Aspects, Celestial Beings & Realms of Light. I then work in sacred unison & intuitively to emanate Light codes, sounds & frequencies that affect positive transformation on a quantum level, realigning & weaving your Light bodies with the energies you need to receive at that time to assist you with your Ascension for your Highest good. You will receive your Galactic Light Emanation Activation in the form of Light Language, which is a frequency of Light that your Heart inner-stands on a deep Soul level that can be emanated through speaking, singing, toning and more. You will receive a small written description of the Galactic Light Emanation and will be sent to your email in which you can listen to as many times as you desire to integrate, anchor & embody. 


What is the Energetic Exchange:


Email to Receive:

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver:

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