Krystalline Soul Technology

We are Krystal Alchemists emanating the Sovereign Krystalline Consciousness of New Earth / Gaia Krystos into our co-creations as we create & activate our Soul Technology with the most purest & Highest Love within the Divine Mother Arc Starship, bringing in Light Emanations of sacred geometry, sounds, Light codes and High Vibrational Ascension Frequencies & Rays that are aligned to the Kryst-Krystallah & Rainbow Diamond Sun Essence. Each one is then blessed within the Temple of the White Diamond Flame & in a sacred drumming ceremony in the physical ~ for the Highest good of ALL.

Each of our sacred Galactic Arc Technologies are unique to assist you in many different ways along your Krystalline Ascension journey. The co-creations support YOU in activating, integrating, anchoring, & embodying Divine Essences into the physical, illuminating your Soul frequency.