Multidimensional Holographic Healing

"This healing was like nothing I had experienced in my 30 years as a Lightworker, if I had one wish for each of you it would be that you would invest in yourself and have a treatment. For the past 9 days I've had people asking me what have you done, you look lighter, brighter and let me tell you I am. Now you're asking what this treatment is, and what I would say to you is it's like a past life regression, a clearing, a Reiki treatment, a soul revival, vibrational healing all rolled into one held in a beautiful safe sacred space. Everything that came up in my healing has now been verified this week, I now know where I am going, and what the spirit world wants from me and for me. I always thought I was at peace now I know true peace and true joy. Amazingly blessed." 


Angela Hemming~Reiki Master, Medium, Past Life Regression Guide

Light Language Activation Workshop

"This was one of the most empowering workshops I have ever experienced I recommend it to anyone who wants to go higher to find their true self 🧡 thank you Eva and Alicia for holding such a beautiful sacred space". A.H.

"This was the most impactful workshop I ever been to! I discovered so much about myself and what I can do to assist other people! After the workshop, I assisted in healing people in my household even though I’ve never done healing work! The light language just guided me to heal and did it’s work through me! I’m so grateful for attending this workshop. Thank you x10000 to Alicia Lukacs-Hall and Eva Lukacs for activating this language within me!" R.M.

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