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Starting in 2023

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Rise from Your Sacred Ashes & Spread Your Wings!


The Divine Angelic Solar Krystos Tribes have returned and are sending a clarion call to your Heart, for you to remember who you truly are, why you came here and to remember the sacred mysteries of Love & the eternal White Diamond Flame of the pure morphogenetic field of the Creation codes of New Earth-Celestial Gaia & sacred Flame technologies of LOVE 


Are you ready to immerse yourself into a transformational journey of renewal & rebirth?!


This is for you, Divine Feminine, who is now ready to delve deeper to truly purify your old identities & templates, fully step out of the bondage matrix and step into the Divine Intelligence Matrix, therefore reclaiming, integrating, anchoring and embodying your Pure Essence to walk the jeweled path within, living the way of the Krystal Rose Heart, aligned to organic rhythms of New Earth, Celestial Gaia’s 144 harmonics of Love as a Sovereign Kryst-Krystos Being, to co-create heavenONEarth & lay the foundations of your legacy to Humanity, the Planet & Universe. Beloved, it’s time to born anew into your Angelic Self, igniting the fire of your Soul, illuminating your Sophianic Goddess heartbeat, finding your Divine Joy once again AND to be honored, seen, heard and divinely supported through it ALL.....  .​

THE PHOENIX JOURNEY with Krystalline Ascension ™

What your Journey will consist of:

  • ​144 days of High Frequency Immersion-you will be invited to a private space online to receive daily guidance with integration and to connect with the SiStarhood of the Rose. 

  • ​Weekly Goddess Group Calls that include sacred Heart teachings of the mysteries of the Rose, Soul Mentoring, high frequency meditation/activation/healing/emanation to accelerate your Soul & DNA Ascension +++ Soul Play (innerwork) for the week to integrate, anchor & embody….be prepared for massive evolution!

  • Month One is where we will be working with your Inner Child, Earth Star, Soul Star & the Sovereign Cosmic Unicorn to reclaim your Divine Innocence & Joy....

  • Month Two will utilize the Divine Phoenix frequency consisting of much Purification including the chakras, womb, throat, energetic fields & old paradigm templates…

  • Month Three is a deep Recalibration of your original Rainbow Diamond Sun blueprint & DNA, your energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), your Divine Union sacred Kryst-Krystos architecture, your Krystal Heart, re-activating your Light  Language…​

  • Month Four & Five will be dedicated to initiation into the White Flame Temple, Goddess Rebirth & Embodiment of your Divine Krystos Self by anchoring the Hieros Gamos Union within while emanating the frequencies of the White Flame & the New Earth-Celestial Gaia, receiving support & emanations by the High Council of Goddesses, sacred teachings of becoming ONE and how to live through the Heart on your Earthwalk journey….

Our Gift to you:

For extra healing, purification, recalibration and integration, there will be monthly Temple Grids for your Light bodies to receive from, renewing your Essence! Plus you will have access to our Krystalline Portal Membership where a variety of “gems” await you inside including Viva Elixir Meditations, Light Emanations, Ascension Techniques/Tools, Divine Wisdom +++ we 3 monthly group (LIVE) interactives; a Light Integration, a Quantum Healing, and a Krystalline Touch Medicine™ Anchoring Session with access to a private Circle connection space!

There is much more we will be offering within this Journey, as you will be receiving Divine support and Soul Mentoring to bridge the Higher Realm Wisdom to the Here and Now in your Earthwalk-Ascension journey. We will be sharing ancient masteries and Soul technology of LOVE with the mysteries of the ROSE


If this is speaking to YOU, your HEART, we invite you to fill out the form below to be included in the

White Flame Goddess Invite that will provide all the details as Clarion calls begin August 22nd!


Emissaries of Love,

💎Alicia & Eva💎

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Cosmic Art Creation by

The Phoenix Journey Invite

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