Ultimate Chakra Alignment


Are you ready to change your desired reality by being aware of what you are currently doing is keeping you from living your Desired reality?


Have you ever experienced or suffered emotional, mentally or physically with:

  •  Mild depression

  • Lack of clarity in your life

  • Brain Fog

  • Worry, Fear or Anxiety

  • Living Lack and Limitations

  • Suffer and Sacrificing

  • Relationship Failure

  • Living in Blame / shame or guilt


If you have, you may be living from having misaligned programming in your chakra’s.   Isn’t it interesting that your chakra’s hold so much information such as experiences from your childhood that can still be unconsciously affecting why you are not living your lifelong dreams?


Do you find yourself at times always trying to please others only to be put down?

This could be an unmet need from your childhood where your parents did not provide the nurturing you needed so you keep repeating the same pattern.


Do you find yourself working endlessly and accumulating more debt?

This could come from early childhood programming of the way your parents spoke or handled money.


Mini or major childhood traumas based on your perception can impact the way you live life now.  Are you ready to unravel some of these unconscious beliefs, wounds, or patterns so you can start keeping your hard-earned money in your bank account?  Perhaps you are ready to step into a new dynamic relationship and you no longer want to be the pleaser of the relationship rather you want to have a wonderful balanced experience.  


Are you ready to allow me to release stagnant life force and clear up your chakras so you can begin bringing in harmony, self love, joy, inner peace into your life?


Possible Benefits from a Chakra  Alignment:

  • Release Blockages

  • Improve mental clarity

  • Emotional and Mental Balance

  • Great sense of Purpose and Direction

  • Decrease anxiety/worry/fear/suffering

  • Heal inner child wounds-Huge one

  • Feel more confident

  • Physical pain may decrease

  • Balanced emotional and mental lifestyle

  • Inner peace

  • Begin to move towards YOUR dreams and goals

  • Transform weakness into balance, low vibration into high vibration


Here is what you will receive in this Ultimate Chakra Alignment Session:

  • Chat prior to session – 15 minutes

  • Remote Healing Session 60 + minutes ( where I communicate with your Chakras)

  • Recording  of what came up in your reading  sent to your email

  • Follow up Zoom call 4-7 days later @ 30 minutes … We want the healing to settle in and allow new energy to come in! (Zoom Link will be emailed to you)


Energetic Exchange: $144 USD

~Prepaid as once you commit, the healing begins

Email to receive: eva@krystallineascension.com

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