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White Diamond Flame
& re
GENEsis Chamber


Transcend with Soul Technology of Love


I am honored to offer you a silent, high vibrational emanation inside a personalized White Diamond Flame Chamber. I facilitate energetic weaving with a peaceful blend of Divine Life Force Energy accelerated by the White Diamond Flame Essence, which is the White Plasma holding sacred Flame technologies of LOVE, the new re-genesis codes and the creation codes of New Earth. 


This beautiful session is for all Souls desiring a Divine harmonization of their Body, Mind & Soul, aligning ALL to LOVE. As a conduit, I hold this high vibrational frequency while activating the New Earth-Celestial Gaia codes that energetically flow into your sacred physical and light bodies that amplifies Divine alignment


What you Receive:


  • You will be cocooned in your personalized White Diamond Chamber that contains White Diamond Flame codes and plasma streams, rehabilitating ALL of you, your energetic fields and your sacred architecture within, on a deep sub-atomic level so that you are in alignment and harmonization of your Zero point, the organic rhythm of your Krystal Heart. 


  • You will be held in sacred space (physically & etherically) as you receive the Pure Essence of LOVE 


  • Harmonization of your SELF in the Physical Reality with your Higher SELF in the Celestial Realms. Each session is completely unique as I am Divinely guided where I become a pure conduit of the Divine Cosmic Mother to access your Multidimensionality and connecting to Your Highest Self, Celestial Beings & the Realms of Source Light. I intuitively emanate & weave Soul Technology of LOVE, Light codes, Cosmic Floral Elixirs & Divine frequencies that affect positive transformation on a subatomic level, realigning & weaving your Light bodies with the energies you need to receive & integrate at that time to assist you with accelerating Divine embodiment in the physical within your Earthwalk-Ascension journey that is for your Highest good. Due to the potency, the White Flame frequency is always acclimated to your Higher Self and to the level most comfortable for you. 


  • The session is silent, meaning completely telepathic for you to fully surrender to the Love & Peace with personal messages and guidance afterwards if you choose to receive. You are welcome to listen to suggested high frequency music in the background during your session to enhance your overall experience. If you would like to communicate something during the session, such as if you are feeling a sensation you would like to discuss, if something feels uncomfortable for you, if you have a question or issue, then do speak up at any time during the session. It is my intention to make your session the best experience possible. 


  • Benefits can range from: feeling Pure Bliss, Inner Peace, Balance &  Serenity. If you’ve ever had a peaceful Healing session just imagine a more potent vibration, fully surrounded in the most Divinely wrapped blanket that is filled with the frequency of LOVE that will touch you sub-atomically through your entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Light bodies, bringing ALL into coherence. 


  • Be ready to receive Divine essences, connection and messages followed by Divine synchronicities that will assist you and your Soul Ascension ~ Inner & Outer shifts can take place as you will be emanating this beautiful frequency from within! 


Email to Receive: I invite you to email me if this is resonating with you to schedule a session or if you have any questions! 

Facilitation Info, Disclaimer & Waiver link below


How often is this needed?

Each Soul is unique ~ you will know when your Soul calls to submerged in the plasma of LOVE 

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody

Weave the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth

Facilitation Information, Disclaimer & Waiver:

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