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body, mind & soul

April 29th-1pm EST

Energetic Exchange $22

Spring Clean Your Body, Mind & Soul Mini Workshop


Spring is always a great time to clean house, but what about your body & your energetic fields?! When our energetic fields become over-loaded with what doesn’t serve us, we can feel a range of “symptoms” such as feeling tired, overwhelmed, emotional, nausea, heavy, sluggish, unmotivated and so forth.


We invite you to Honour your body, your sacred Temple to co-create a beautiful sparkling, happier, clearer Soul Garden!


Here is what we will be doing together as a group:

  • Dust off what is causing stress.

  • Remove some weeds by pulling out and identifying misaligned blocks and illusions.

  • Sweep out guilt, anger, resentment from ALL levels of your Being and from all levels of Consciousness.

  • Dump out the old trash that we have accumulated so our sacred Temple can shine brighter

  • Bring in fresh air into our aura with EFT & more

  • Plant new seeds into your Soul Garden through Soul Activations  


Join us, Alicia Lukacs-Hall & Eva Lukacs~Evolution Guides, Multidimensional Healers, Quantum Weavers & Frequency Transmuters! We will hold sacred space for you & guide you as a group on Multidimensional levels with powerful energetic modalities to clean your Body, Mind & Soul, to make space for new high vibrational expansive energies & to activate your new seeds into your Consciousness! This workshop will allow you to feel energetically lighter, clearer, and expansive.

If you are ready to clear the cobwebs of the Temple of your Soul so you can co-create your personalized 'Soul Garden’, join us and register today for an interactive workshop!


Thursday April 29th, 2021 at 1pm EST


Email to register:


$22-Once registered you will receive a zoom link the day before.


*This is included as a monthly Light Integration for those in the

Krystalline Portal Membership*


Star SiStars,

Eva Lukacs ~Akashic Guide &
Alicia Lukacs-Hall ~Galactic Guide


Please email us if any further questions


Light Language Activation Workshop

May 21st 7-9pm EST

Energetic Exchange $88

Gather with Alicia & Eva, Galactic Activators, Quantum Healers, & Celestial Guides to (re) activate - (re) awaken & unlock your Light Language and express your own unique energetic signature! You will be expressing your Divine Essence through your Krystal Heart (Higher Heart~Cosmic Heart)!


This workshop will be so much fun by letting your unique YOU open up, express & create!


In this workshop, we will hold a safe space for the group where you can express yourself freely.


Here is what we will be doing together!

*Learn what a vibrational expression is
*Understand what is LIGHT Language~Heart Language
*how & why we can use it daily
*Activate/reawaken/unlock your Light Language
*Learn to express LIGHT through speaking, writing, toning, and/or hand gesture movements
*Connect with other high vibrational souls


What previous knowledge do you need before attending?

*none-come with an open Heart and mind!
*you will KNOW/FEEL when you are ready!


Pre-Register for $88 Canadian @


Once Registered, we will add you to the sacred circle. You will receive a zoom link a few days before. There is no refund, as once you commit & pay the activation begins!


Star SiStars,

Eva Lukacs ~Akashic Guide &
Alicia Lukacs-Hall ~Galactic Guide


Please email us if any further questions

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