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For the heart-led entrepreneur, leader, and coach who is already on their spiritual path and hearing the call to go deeper into your Wise Womban Mastery and Leadership - your ancient and galactic alchemy of a multidimensional woman - that unleashes their unique gifts, untapped wisdom and hidden powers of creation. 

Immerse yourself in your Brilliance, Radiance and Genius, embodying the truth of who you are, ascending you into your highest expression, potentiality, and reality. This is to experience deeper connections, soul remembrances and multifaceted fulfillment. 


Embark on a transformation of a lifetime and claim your sacred space within an elite mystery school and intimate global Sistarhood committed to their soul ascension path, co-creating with their multilayered aspects and magic to channel through wise downloads, uploads, and messages with and for their life, business and divine purpose.




Where the higher realms of consciousness of potent, powerful, ancient and

celestial wisdom reside.

Your Higher Self and Soul has brought you here and we invite you to bring your hands

to your higher krystalline heart and connect with your inner Wise Womban, feeling

your heart's rhythm. 

We understand that you are a multi-galactic Soul who's inhabited various worlds

throughout the cosmos and walked this Earth for thousands of years to master the ways

of the ascension - Wise Womban style - that is all to be remembered, claimed and

embodied once again. 

You are now being called to come into a sacred gathering with your SiStars, awaken your own unique magic, medicines and masteries and take a seat at the round table of the Krystalline Wise Woman Leaders.






​An internal Krystallized Temple that consists of the foundational 8-star pillars:  


Truth. Wealth. Vitality. Leadership. Sovereignty. Creation. Embodiment. Wisdom. 


With the core of your heart in Sacred Union; 


Connected to your Gaian and Galactic Family.


This provides a sacred space to access the Krystalline Consciousness - the eternal realm

of all Union and Creation - your multidimensional power, deepening your fundamental truths on a whole new level and unleash your true inner leadership aspects.

To actualize your pure mission, pure vision, pure legacy and your purest expression of self.


All while experiencing a divine vortex of light, where every Sistar is held, acknowledged, loved and witnessed in becoming a Krystalline Wise Womban Creatrix in her

own unique way.




An elite, high vibing collective of powerful womben who are here to;


Claim your Codes of Creation. 


Ignite your sacred lineages.


Unlock your purest internal Light.


Anchor your primal roots of Creation into Earth. 


That births you into a new inner and outer world.


Illuminating a bridge to new realities and timelines for the collective consciousness. 


Leading yourself and your community into new ways of being and living.




Step into your highest timeline of truth.


Experience your gifts, power and creation on a whole new level.


Living a conscious and extraordinary life with the unseen and seen.  


With a deeper intuition, connection and communication with all forms of intelligence. 


Keeping the primal legacy of the organic, illuminated Wise Womban alive.

Being Heart-centered and Divinity-led.


Imagine a life-long medicine bag of both etheric and practical tools for self and others, becoming an unstoppable force of inner wisdom, no longer seeking external resources for guidance.


Imagine reclaiming your hidden potentials and soul truths that activates your super-human senses that allows you to purposely architect your transcendent life.  


Imagine a massive influx of  fragmented light sparks finding their way back into your human vessel where you feel whole, alive, and grounded,  living every moment in a remarkable present existence with an innate knowingness of oneness.


Imagine walking this Earth as an unrecognizable force emanating confidence, elegant poise, boldness, and trust from within - knowing exactly who you are and the valuable leadership role you have in ‘New Earth’.  


 Imagine mastering your inner Wise Womban where you fully embrace your spirituality, upgraded mindset and higher emotions so you easily move forward and initiate action that you naturally find windows and doors opening to new possibilities of; new relationships, more optimal health and long lasting Soul fulfillment and Soul success. 


Imagine becoming the Krystalline Wise Womban Creatrix, fully in her power - creating beauty, love, unity, wholeness into your life, offering your unique medicine and masteries into your life and business, all of which uplevels your divine impact.




*Private VIP initiation with with Eva and Alicia


Followed by

*Weekly Teachings. Activations. Mentoring. Embodiment.

Practical Integrative Techniques/Tools

*Access to a private network to share, connect and celebrate

*Held in a vortex of light with daily energetic check-ins

*An interactive and multidisciplinary 12 month experience



Sacred Investment

$13,333 CAD paid in full

Receive an additional 3hr bespoke session

Payment Plan option: $1,111 CAD deposit followed by $1,111 CAD12 months. 


Additional bespoke sessions and mentorship available upon request.  


Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall are Spiritual Luxury Mentors guiding powerful womben to embody their Divinity and rise into a Luminary Creatrix Leader of who they truly are. Mastering The Krystalline Codex and their multifaceted gifts to create their extraordinary life and 'Krystalline Legacy' - their sacred Soul Legacy that transcribes into a  luminous, Soulful Business Legacy - resulting in a greater impact that goes way beyond our reality. 

The mother and daughter duo are co-Creatrix’s of Krystalline Ascension, an elite mystery school temple where visionary entrepreneurs upgrade their internal 'Queendom' that unlocks higher consciousness, their hidden potential and multidimensionality, rebirthing into new higher versions of self to experience their purest truth, vitality, wealth and inner union.


Known as ‘Creatrix Queens’, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth, Eva and Alicia share sacred teachings, wisdom and remembrances of the source of creation, love and unity to become the architects of their destiny.

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