Evolution Guides-

Eva Lukacs & Alicia Lukacs-Hall

Co-creating services, products, activations, alignments, meditations, guidance, channeled wisdom, Galactic Soul Technology & other Ascension Tools to assist you on your Krystalline Ascension journey!

As Evolution Guides, Galactic Activators, Shamaness', Priestesses, Multidimensional Facilitators (Healers), Cosmic Light Warriors, Wisdom Keepers, Vibrational Creators, Frequency Keepers & Energy Transmuters we work in unison by activating and aligning our products with sacred geometry and the Light frequencies of many Light Beings & Collectives of Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, Galactics (Elementals, Oraphim, Seraphim, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Avians, Arcturians, Andromedans) & many more Celestial Frequencies, Aurora Frequencies, Master Rays & Rainbow Rays, and the Codes of Creation. 

With Krystalline Ascension, we are able to support you with Services as well as activated products-some will be designed personally for your wants, needs or desire, tools and tips through our personal experiences or divine channeled messages that can increase your personal vibration and transformation on this planet therefore being able to live a more consciously co-created life. 


If you are ready to step into your personal journey of activating your Divinity in a fun yet powerful way then we welcome you to gather with us here! We are ONE and on this beautiful Divine Krystalline Ascension journey together! We anticipate to provide you with many more tools and products as we expand our visions, consciousness, wisdom & connection with Christ & Sophia Consciousness. 

Gather & connect with us in our Complimentary Private Network, a Community of Conscious Souls & Starseeds who are embodying their

Divine Essence & Ascension Journey!


We are here to assist, empower & guide Light Beings to embody their True Divine Soul Essence, Krystalline Ascension journey & the evolution of Krystalline Consciousness, co-creating HeavenONEarth

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