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Create your Soul-Illuminated legacy impact to the world with The Krystalline Codex and experience a new paradigm of SPIRITUAL LUXURY. 


A sacred, abundant paradise.    


With your true divine essence deeply embodied within a new organic Krystalline Soul Blueprint. 


Your gateway to unlocking your highest potential and limitless power of CREATION. 
















You are here because you heard, you felt, you received the calling from the heartbeat of your krystalline heart to fully step into your mastery of creation.


To transform your inner world and take your quantum skills to the next level – actualizing the life of your Soul-Aligned dreams in the physical realm.


Becoming a powerful bridge from the unseen to the seen.



Welcome to your Sacred Creatrix Self. 






Alicia and Eva

At Krystalline Ascension you are not only remembering who you truly are, but embodying who you truly are. 


A multidimensional Being, a Goddess, a luminous star, a sovereign Soul in human form. 


Sacred Creatrix,

it’s your time to journey into the depths of your soul and unlock your unique gifts and Soul Legacy Keys; your magic, medicines and masteries. 


To ignite the spark of your Soul Legacy that translates into your business legacy desiring to be expressed. 


A journey of self-mastery and transformation to become the most authentic, magnetic version of yourself and generate a divine ripple effect.


Creating your Soul-Aligned life and legacies with your heart in Sacred Union.


Supported by the foundational 8-star pillars of;


Truth. Wealth. Vitality. Leadership. Sovereignty. Creation. Embodiment. Wisdom. 

Connected to your Gaian and Galactic Family.


AKA The Krystalline Codex.


After living life in the etheric realms as higher dimensional beings and lightworkers in this Earth realm, Eva Lukacs and Alicia Lukacs-Hall, a mother and daughter duo, started to seek ways to embody their galactic light and cosmic inheritance within.  


What transpired along their Earth-walk journey was the remembrance of The Krystalline Codex, that when embodied allowed Eva and Alicia to reclaim themselves fully as Sacred Creatrix Leaders, Legacy Keepers and Weavers of the Rainbow Dream of Heaven on Earth. A re-coding of themselves and their reality aligned to infinite potentiality.


Eva and Alicia have a deep connection with their true nature as multidimensional beings all while living an exhilarating human experience with their families - an embodiment of spiritual luxury. Now guiding others home to the heart of their Goddess self to activate their inner feminine leadership and Soul Legacy that transcribes into their business legacy impact through quantum facilitation that is out of this world and integrative soul-luxury mentorship. 


Alicia and Eva

Here at Krystalline Ascension you get to rebirth your Divinity, elevate your consciousness and unleash

your superpowers to master the art of actualizing your extraordinary dreams and luminous legacies into being.


Imagine tapping into your ancient inner wisdom and the golden honey - the realm of creation that opens the door to your Soul’s primal vision. 


Imagine mastering your personal Krystalline Ascension journey of creating your inner Queendom of sovereignty, bliss and spiritual luxury.


Imagine leading with the heart of your Krystalline Soul, in alignment with your highest truth, new ways of being and living in a unified flow with the universal energies of ascension.  


Feeling alive, empowered and supported.  


This is all available to you, Sacred Creatrix, when you choose to step into a whole new world of truth and immerse yourself in The Krystalline Codex…



Deep Connection. Expansive Opulence. Ecstatic Pleasure. Sacred Wealth.


Join the Krystalline Legacy Mystery School 



Embark on a transformation of a lifetime within Krystalline Ascension's Elite Mystery School Mastermind and be a part of an intimate global sisterhood of powerful feminine entrepreneurs, visionaires and change-makers that are committed to be the foundational architects of our time.


A sacred journey of self-mastery to uplevel your energetic intelligence, unleash your primordial power of creation and embody your highest Divinity.


Activate your infinite potential timeline to create your Soul-Illuminated legacy impact and actualize your wildest dreams and sacred wealth from an empowered, embodied and sovereign space.



It's time to transcend the illusions of the world and uncover the potent hidden mysteries of your Soul.



Ignite your Higher Consciousness, and begin your journey to become a New World Light Leader in a new paradigm where Spiritual Luxury meets Physical Luxury. 

Heaven on Earth.


Step into a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity.

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