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Greetings & Welcome Beloved Souls!

We are delighted you were aligned to connect with the Heartbeat of New Earth, Gaia Krystos

Are you ready to Illuminate your Essence?

The Divine Mission of Krystalline Ascension is aligned with the Krystos Mission.

Honourably assisting the Planet & Humanity to recalibrate, rebuild, recode, repair, rehabilitate & rebirth ALL to the Divine organic Temple Blueprint of the Kryst-Krystallah architecture, the template of the Diamond Sun body & the original Angelic 12-strand (144) DNA. Emanating the Sophianic Eternal White Diamond Flame & the Trinity Flame of Divine Love, Wisdom & Sovereignty. Weaving the sacred Krystal tones of Creation & the Rainbow Dream of heavenONEarth into our current Reality. Creating New Earth Temples of Peace & Sovereign commUNITY's. Bringing in Krystal teachings to reeducate Humanity of their true Sovereign Divinity, through the Law of ONE and how we walk together as ONE unified Consciousness of the

Kryst-Krystos Union within, creating an inner Temple of Love, Peace & Joy.

Heal ~ Align ~ Expand

Within Krystalline Ascension, we are honoured to share with you our Celestial Magic & Wisdom offerings through our Multidimensional 1-1 offerings, co-offerings, our Krystalline Portal Membership, our Group immersion journeys, Sacred Circles, and Cosmic Events/Retreats to Conscious Souls, Inner Lightworkers, Starseeds, Energy Healers & Cosmic Families who desire Soul Expansion & Divine embodiment, and who desire Unity, Sovereignty, Oneness, & Wholeness.  We are able to support you with a variety of Evolution masteries to walk the jeweled path within, transcending you into your revolutionary transformation on this planet. Our dedicated presence through our services of guidance, assistance & empowerment allows you to feel truly supported to HEAL (transmuting & recalibrating), ALIGN (embodying High Vibrational Frequencies) and EXPAND (fully Rise to your Highest Love), creating changes in your physical world, therefore being able to step into the embodiment of your Divine Authentic Self, illuminating your Soul frequency & live a more consciously co-created Sovereign life within your Ascension journey, bridging the Consciousness of

Heaven onto Earth!  

We are here to assist, empower & guide Souls Home to their Hearts, embodying their Divine Essence, Krystalline Ascension journey & the evolution of Unity Consciousness, co-creating heavenONEarth

Our Gift to You....

Integrate ~ Anchor ~ Embody 

If there a burning desire to bring the experience of Home into your current Reality, igniting the Flames of Love, in a joyous yet powerful sacred way, then we welcome you to reflect on the meaning of an

"Earthwalk-Ascension" Journey ~ your human Self is walking upon Mother Earth, journeying & evolving together and your I AM presence is actually descending from a Higher Consciousness, in which you are to integrate, anchor & fully embody into your physical body to Ascend into a Higher state of Consciousness within your Earth reality. And so, through our Soul Mentoring we assist you to see past the illusions & recognize your Divinity within by realigning you to your Divine Mission, Purpose & your Divine Authentic Kryst-Krystos Self, reclaiming your Divine organic blueprint & templates, co-creating the most exhilarating human experience and receiving magical manifestations in the Here & Now through your aligned choices, inner Soul-Play & actions = Multidimensional Embodiment.


Weave the Rainbow Dream of heaveONEarth 

The Divine Krystos-Sophia (Divine Feminine) has returned in Divine Union upon our Earth-plane followed by Gaia-Krystos (New Earth) anchoring into our current Reality! As a Sovereign Being,  you have a choice to align with Source Consciousness, the Divine Intelligence (D.I.) ~ a Divine Template & Timeline that holds the Essence of ONEness that is encoded with Love, Sovereignty, Joy, Compassion, Abundance & Peace-all we have dreamed of!

Are you ready to weave and illuminate your Divine Essence into your Here & Now and be aligned with the New Earth, Gaia Krystos Consciousness?! We are in Circle with Team Humanity! And that's why Souls within the Krystalline commUNITY & Family are experiencing a deeper clarity on all levels of their BEing and are glowing inside & out from their participation on their inward journey to their Hearts as they dive deep into the gateway of their Multidimensionality! They are nourishing their Mind, Body & Hearts, thus elevating their frequency and expanding their lovely new muscles of growth that impacts the evolution of their Soul and current Reality = Multidimensional Living. We are all connected, as when you raise your Consciousness, so does Humanity & the Planet! Remember beautiful Soul,

we are all unique and each hold a Divine key to the Ascension puzzle!

Our Divine Services

How do you know you are on the Path of your Ascension journey?

  • You are craving more inner and outer Peace

  • Your present life is no longer fulfilling you and you are seeking out inner satisfaction

  • You are ready to discover your Divine Purpose and express your Divine Authentic Self

  • You are seeking inner wisdom, your Divine truth & how to reclaim your Sovereignty

  • You are taking personal responsibility and doing the inner work without justifying it to anyone

  • You are letting go of the EGO mind, learning to align with the Divine Mind & surrendering to LOVE

  • You are remembering and/or desiring to remember who you truly are & why you are here

  • You are uncovering hidden and/or embracing your Divine gifts & talents  

  • You are turning inwards to your Heart and noticing how amazing your Heart space feels

  • You are now officially a Conscious Soul, investing energy, money & time to energy techniques and tools to assist you in clearing away illusions, blocks & trauma to transcend into your Divinity

  • You are desiring to expand your Consciousness and raise your inner vibration to align with Joy & Bliss



Grandmother Songbird


Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Guide & Medium

Multidimensional Holographic Healing with Eva & Alicia


"This healing was like nothing I had experienced in my 30 years as a Lightworker, if I had one wish for each of you it would be that you would invest in yourself and have a treatment. For the past 9 days I've had people asking me what have you done, you look lighter, brighter and let me tell you I am. Now you're asking what this treatment is, and what I would say to you is it's like a past life regression, a clearing, a Reiki treatment, a soul revival, vibrational healing all rolled into one held in a beautiful safe sacred space. Everything that came up in my healing has now been verified this week, I now know where I am going, and what the spirit world wants from me and for me. I always thought I was at peace now I know true peace and true joy. Amazingly blessed." 

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